5 Reasons Men Should Avoid Casual Sex, Too

Okay, let us be fair here.   We have reblogged posts that are critical of feminists and the actions of women.   Now, we reblog this post directed at men and their actions.   Men need to avoid acting like a heel, or a cad, or, if you prefer, like a jerk.

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(source) A woman’s unique sexual psychology isn’t designed for hookups (“Ladies, Stop Trying to Have Sex Like Men“). The oxytocin that floods her body causes her to get attached whether she intends to or not. This is true even for sexually liberal women.

Men are different. They have oxytocin, too, but a much smaller amount—and are thus more capable of detaching after a hookup. That this is true, however, doesn’t mean men should take advantage of this fact. Nor does it necessarily mean they’ll walk away unscathed.

Here are 5 reasons why men should avoid uncommitted sex, too:

  1. She will likely get attached, and you won’t. As a man, you may not be interested in having a relationship—and she may tell you she isn’t either. But whether she’s telling the truth or not, the chances of her wanting something more after the fact is…

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