Will white people survive? Or, are they an endangered species?

These questions are indeed relevant today as we see the demographic changes occurring (by design) in Europe, the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand – all historically ethnic European majority lands.

We think it is time for ethnic Europeans to stop hating themselves and stop feeling guilty about traditional Western Civilization.  Stop apologizing.  The biggest threat to the survival of white people is the large number of self-hating whites.

We share 2 video links today that are well worth watching in their entirety.  There are some women who are breaking with the herd and rejecting the hatred that feminists bear both towards men and towards childbearing (i.e. families).  I do not know much about Lana Lokteff, but I applaud her courage to speak her mind with conviction and clarity.  She has more intestinal fortitude than millions of beta white males.  Listen to what she says and think about it.  (It is rather ironic that feminists are often such miserable individuals.  We were sold the idea that feminism was uplifting and liberating to women.)




More than one million views in six months for this next video.



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  1. Two excellent videos. I’ve been a big fan of Lana Lokteff and RedIce.TV for at least three years now. She does consistently high-quality videos on extremely important topics critical to white people of European descent. There is nothing wrong with being white! In fact there’s a helluva lot to be proud of!

    1. Thanks Stephen for your comment. Yes, Lana does a great job. I had heard of Red Ice for some time, but had not seen any of their videos until quite recently.

      What is so troubling is that every group out there can wave their flag and celebrate their history or their pride, except for white folks. This constant shaming and guilt-tripping of ethnic Europeans has to be resisted. White people need to push back and not be cowed into silence.

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