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How do we help peoples around the world to reach or achieve their potential?  How do we really, truly support some kind of (“social”) justice and sanity in today’s world?  We can at the very least make some serious effort to ending these needless, and terribly destructive wars of regime change, and these murderous proxy wars in places like Syria and Yemen.

In this first linked article, that we stumbled across today, there is a convincing argument made as to one of the main drivers of these wars, and that is the desperate need for the US to maintain the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency.  (The end of the US dollar’s hegemony would spell the end of the American Empire.)  The US military has been used to enforce the dollar’s hegemony in world trade and commerce (as in the take down of Saddam Hussein in 2003 after he insisted that Iraqi oil be paid for in Euros).  When the US military cannot be easily used, as in cases where the rebelling states are too strong militarily for easy conquest (such as Iran, and even Russia, which is dumping dollars), punitive economic sanctions are used to destroy the economy of such nation states.

This lengthy, but highly insightful and informative piece appeared in late February this year (click on link):

How are we so often stampeded into wars?  Through the use of terribly, vilely dishonest propaganda and false flag operations, the war fever or mania is instilled in the public consciousness, and wars are undertaken which serve the interests and goals of the plutocratic elites (who, sorry to say, are the de facto rulers in the Western “democracies”).  Wars are big business.  Wars are quite profitable to the military-industrial-banking-government complex in the US.

A much shorter post from earlier today instructs us on false flags that have led to wars.  It also shows us that so much of our official history is fake.

This next post tells the story of a courageous man, John T. Flynn, who tried to expose the evil machinations of FDR during FDR’s time as president.  It informs us that even back in the late 1930s and early 1940s that news media (at that time, print and radio) were easily influenced or cowed by the government in Washington.  Any counter views, and opposition to FDR and his agenda had to be stifled or silenced.  If the Americans had elected someone other than FDR in the 1930s, it is possible that World War Two might have been avoided.  This is no exaggeration.  Yes, there might have been 2 regional wars (in Europe, and in Asia), but these would have concluded with very different results that may have been much better for the world without America’s intervention.  FDR through his policies and his directives to US diplomats (beginning in 1936) worked hard to bring America into what would become a global conflict.  He did this for 2 principal reasons.  First, his New Deal had been an abysmal  failure.  Thus, he sought war to bring America out of its economic morass.  And, secondly, he dreamed of running the world with Stalin, whom he both admired and envied.

In this final link, we have a post from earlier today about Israel getting everything it wants from Trump and his administration.  Israel has not had it this good since the reign of Ronald Reagan in the 1980s!  But, what is good for Israel is usually bad for the peoples in the region.

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