The Irony of how Holocaust Remembrance Slipped in Jewish Supremacism under the Guise of Anti-Supremacism

Wow!!   This is a blog post for the ages.   Whether you agree or disagree with its contents, we have to acknowledge the courage, or the nerve of the author to tell it like it truly is.   Much good incisive analysis and food for thought here.

As always readers, we merely present the reality of the dilemma of a controversial topic.   We may state where we stand, but it is up to you to form your own conclusions.


  1. Catching up on unread emails, so I’m a little late here. This is a remarkable essay. It explains how the (fake) “Nazi holocaust of the Jews” gets so much coverage: because Jews see themselves as literally divine and destined to control others. It is blasphemy in their eyes to criticize them in any way. It also made me realize another reason why Jews favor immigration so much: they would have never come to America (and brought so much havoc with them) had it not been for a a very liberal immigration system.

    1. Thanks Stephen for your comment. In the near future, as time allows, I will try to post a group of links that brings out more of this Jewish villainy. Recently, there was a post by another blogger containing various quotes about the Jews by notable individuals throughout the past few centuries. Benjamin Franklin, I think it was, who begged the framers to not allow Jews into the new country (the US), as he foresaw what would in time happen if the Jews were allowed in. The Jews came to America later in large waves (late 1800s, and early 1900s) when they were being kicked out of the Russian Empire. You will no doubt find much food for thought in that essay when we can get up on the blog, perhaps late next week. So, stay tuned.

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