About Those Dancing Israelis

This reblogged post raises some uncomfortable questions, especially for those who blindly support Israel and all things Jewish.   But, we must examine such questions and the evidence that has been uncovered.

Another Day in the Empire

On Friday Whitney Webb of Mint Press News wrote about new information on the 9/11 “Dancing Israelis” and their connection to Israeli intelligence. 

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  1. Good and essential post; thank you.

    “…the now largely forgotten Dancing Israelis incident….” The incident hasn’t been “largely forgotten” by me. It’s beyond frustrating that the usual application of freedoms of speech and expression and investigation (and to boycott) is verboten when it comes to the Zionist entity so-called Israel and its omniscient lobby in the US that, were there any fairness, would be required to register as the agent of a foreign country (FARA)….

      1. The 9/11 Truth Movement is over, or at least remains inadequately equipped for reaching it’s goal, because the leaders of which are “not interested”. I doubt they’ll be given another opportunity to reject.

        Good luck anyway.

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