The Diversity Delusion: a talk with author Heather MacDonald

In this recent video talk on YouTube, Heather MacDonald deconstructs our current, hysterical victimology (as in: the possession of an outlook, arising from real or imagined victimization, that seems to glorify and indulge the state of being a victim) on college campuses around the nation.  This video discussion is quite informative as to the current state of academia in the US.  These young college students are tomorrow’s leaders, and they represent the future of the nation.  (That said, I am actually glad that I won’t be alive to see the dystopian future that awaits these young Americans if things do not substantively change.)



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  1. For some unknown reason, I’m able to comment here, but totally unable to “like” a blog post, even though I am logged in to my WordPress account. This has occurred on not just your blog, but others too.

    1. Hey Stephen it is good to hear from you. Yes, I had a similar problem some time back, and I switched to Fire Fox as my web browser. Microsoft Edge had made some updates to security that prevented me from liking posts by other bloggers. It may be that your browser’s security settings have become too strict (via automatic updates). I am much happier with Fire Fox, and it was free to download and install and to use.

      You will also like the next post on feminism. Feel free to comment.

      1. Oh, I just remembered. I switched my browser from Chrome to a new one called “Brave”, which is almost a dead ringer for Chrome. It’s nice in that it blocks ads by default, so pages load much faster. But it still has a few minor quirks – this is probably one of them.

        I’ve used Firefox before and absolutely can’t stand it!

      2. As to Chrome, i got awfully tired of it being into my C drive each and every day adding so many files (bloatware). Chrome does work well, but it comes at a price.

  2. Nice interview! “Identity politics” absolutely sucks. It’s like expecting chihuahuas to be as effective as Dobermans or German shepherds as guard dogs. Or St. Bernard’s to be competitive with greyhounds in a race. It’s totally ludicrous! It’s not politically “correct” to say it, but there are very significant differences in IQ between whites, blacks, and Asians, and no amount of education is really going to change that. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

    1. Yes, there can be no denying differences in the races. Equality under the law does not mean that we are all equal as to talents, skill, etc.

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