Reality Check

Here is an interesting collection of everyday images.    Beauty in simplicity.    Enjoy.

Vamsi Krishna

The intangible in-between; space hidden within space; the corollary.

I have always wondered about our perception of reality. We base our version of reality on a certain threshold of congruence between what we experience in the present and what we already have in mind. However is this really reality? The way I perceive the number 1,000,000 and the number name One Million is vastly different, while otherwise, they mean one and the same thing.

How do we recognize things from merely their vague forms – shadows, reflections, silhouettes, smells, sounds, text, and whatnot? Can we recognize them if their forms and functions are not familiar to us already? Or do we break them down into smaller, possibly familiar parts, the sum of which forms our version of reality? How do rigid, tangible forms, and amorphous, intangible ideas come together to create our reality.

This series is my exploration of these…

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