socio-critical links: feminism, new world order, and abortion’s effects on men

Rather than reblog all these recent articles appearing on a new blog, we will just link to these here.  (If readers are too lazy to click on the links, that is their choice.)

This first linked essay is insightful and somewhat humorous in its penetrating incisiveness on feminism:

The next linked post tells of globalist designs for world control through the destructive effects on the social fabric of societies around the world from weaponized feminism and the normalization of homosexuality.

In the third and final link, we see an article on the effects of abortion on men (a rarely discussed topic):

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  1. Thanks.
    And via the provided links I ended up with Henry Makow. Interesting fellow too.

  2. Pingback: socio-critical links: feminism, new world order, and abortion’s effects on men – larrysmusings – RuDarts. Truths the system is hiding to you
  3. Thanks for introducing me to another top-notch blogger, Larry! “Hommunism News” was the first one, but it’s got serious competition now! (not that anyone is competing against each other, but simply revealing the truth for others to see plainly as well. We often get a feeling that “something is just not right”, but can’t put our finger on it exactly. These bloggers help immensely with that.)

    1. Thanks Stephen for your appreciation. It is encouraging that some folks (these other bloggers) at least get it, and can articulate their views well. Andrea’s blog is good, but often she gets so long winded in her posts that I do not read all of these. This Vietnamese blogger, who goes by the initials PQC with his Tao of Anarchy blog is quite correct also on the topic of Jewish villainy and Jewish control of the US. I cannot agree with all his posts as he is a strident atheist, and he makes that known frequently. He is beginning to realize that Hitler was not the arch-demon that he has been made out to be, and that he was the only one to stand up to the Jews in their drive for world control.

      When I first read the above post by Andrea, I immediately knew that I would have to reblog it. As I remarked in the reblog, this really is a post for the ages. Jewish suffering – real, alleged, or imagined or mythical – is paramount, and no one else’s suffering nor no other group suffering injustice really matters to the Jews. That is Jewish Supremacism, and we condemn that here on this blog.

    2. Oooops! I did not pay attention and thought we were still addressing the post about the holocaust and how the Jews use it. But, my comment a few moments ago is still valid.

      BTW, this blogger, that we shared the above links to, is the very same individual that blogs on the Hommunism blog. This second blog of his just started up several days or so ago. He is blasting out links many times each day on this new blog of his. Both are good blogs.

    1. Stephen, the confusion was at my end. But, my comment on Andrea’s post was made in good faith. It is great that there are insightful bloggers out there. Thanks for the link. I will check it out. Here is a link to a video blurb for Mike King’s The Bad War:

  4. I’ve had Mike King’s book for years now, but have not had a chance to read it! But I get the gist of it, as I am subscribed to his Anti-NYTimes newsletter.
    I’ve sometimes wondered: Did the “Allies” choose that name for themselves, partly as a joke? Because it could easily be read as “ALL LIES”, which certainly describes them perfectly!

    1. Yes, we see that a few bloggers have picked up on that play on words. I saw one comment that opined that about 95 per cent of what we have been told about WW2 is false as in lies and propaganda. We cannot understand today’s world and why it is the way that it is, without first gaining a true understanding of the events leading up to and including the Second World War and its aftermath.

      Mike King is a modern day American hero to me. He is like Prof Harry Elmer Barnes and Prof Charles Tansill who dared to seek and then expose the truth. FDR bears much culpability for the catastrophe that was the Second World War.

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