Yes, Gender Equality = Family Breakdown

As our blog’s tag line indicates, we are part social critic.    So, when we see a post that does good social critique, we naturally want to share it. Food for thought.     We do so desperately need stronger families and lasting marriages.

Hommunism News

(sourceA new finding at Pew Research Center claims that gender equality—worldwide, although a distinction must be made between its goals in the West and its goals in undeveloped nations—has risen exponentially at the same time family ties have weakened considerably. 

And here’s the frustrating part: While “roughly half or more” of those surveyed concede the family unit has weakened, and that this is “a bad thing,” the results of the analysis reveal people “are strongly in favor of increased gender equality.”

In other words, people know the family unit has collapsed but see no link between it and the gender equality movement—despite the fact that the disintegration of the family occurred at the exact same time this movement became an integral part of the social fabric.

To be clear, I’m writing this specifically with respect to gender equality in the West. This movement is predicated on the idea that in order…

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