#FYI: After Reading This Article About The Danger Of GMOs, You Will Probably Never Want To Eat Genetically-Modified Food Again

We reblog this post for your information.   With GMOs, toxic vaccines, and the coming 5G harmful technology, we can say that not only are we living through strange times, but these times are also becoming more hazardous and dangerous with each passing year.

Phi Quyền Chính - Anarchism: The Tao Of Anarchy

PQC: Do people have much choices or options left since growing your own food in your own gardens is ILLEGAL? The only source of food supply people have is the Super Market system, which is under their Talmudic control.

I am a vegan. I don’t know much about food supply in other countries. In Australia there is no labeling system that tells you if a product is GM. The only guess you have is the price. For example there are two price tags on the 1Kg bag of carrots. The one looks really freshly reddish has a price tag (3AUD) that is just half of the price of the other (6.50AUD) which is in natural orange color. (Yeah I did notice they are different in color. So are tomato and corn)

I really don’t know much around the world, but all the “third world” countries where I visited, people can…

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