on the road

To mark or celebrate 7 years of blogging, and to further our progress in locating a community for retiring to, we are going on the road later this week.  A long road trip, where we can see the land and visit small towns along the way, as opposed to flying over these at 30,000 feet, is going to be a fun experience.  Once you leave the frustrating city traffic behind, and get out into the country, long drives on the highway can be quite enjoyable.

Last week, we purchased a car for this very purpose.  Nothing special, but for us, it is a new car, and it is practically new in reality.  This 2018 Jeep Cherokee (see below image) has only 12k miles and comes with the upgrade to the V6 engine that won’t wimp out during mountain driving.  It is June, and outside of coastal, cold, cloud covered San Francisco (the painfully paradoxical, “progressive” paradise), it is late Spring and quite warm in much of the country.  It is a good time to see the country and get out on the road.



We will get another post out this week that will have many good linked articles for interested readers.  Then we will be away for about a fortnight or so.  We will be out “on manuvuers” so to speak.  We are determined to build a life for ourselves outside of California, and we finally have the financial muscle to achieve that goal in the near future.  We will not be denied this time around.

“Hey mister, ain’t nothing gonna stop us.”  (This quote is a zinger from a movie of the mid 1970s.  Right after that, Peter Fonda’s Dodge Charger (the proverbial “muscle car”) crashes into a freight train at a rural rail crossing, and bursts into flames.  We sincerely advise all auto travelers to drive responsibly.)

Don’t you just love abrupt or shock endings to movies?



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  1. An excellent choice for the car!
    Personally, I’m looking into a 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I’ve already had salespeople trying to get me into a model ’19’, but I’m not buying.

    1. Yeah, Kenneth, we researched some online before deciding on this model. Then, it was a case of finding a recent year with low mileage at a good price. We lucked out and got all we wanted for a good price. The reviews for this car by the pros said that although the Cherokee is not the top of the class, it is a good, dependable car.

    1. Hey Stephen, it is good to hear from you. No, we will be getting to Central Time Zone, but not that far. We will be meeting with a realtor in Texas. Maybe one day, we will visit AL, but our sights are on TX as the best all around fit for us.

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