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Third rail refers to the electrified 3rd rail that runs along the side of the rail tracks for electric powered commuter trains.  To touch this 3rd rail can be fatal (as in electrocution).

One can easily observe that thinking, and then daring to speak of politically incorrect thoughts and views can be hazardous to a person’s public reputation, career, friendships, etc.

We must stop and consider why the world around us is the way that it is in the year 2019.  How did it get this way?  Can we reshape the society, the culture so that the future is better for all citizens?  The linked posts below give some insights as to how we got to the present state of society, but these do not make a prescription for constructive change, at least not directly.  We can however push back against the powerful special interests who continue to seek to divide us and manipulate us.  As well, we can resist the harmful ideologies that have, at least for now, gained ascendancy in Western societies across the globe.

Okay, let us proceed from not so close to the third rail (being relatively safe) to stomping on the 3rd rail of political correctness in these successive links.  Are you up for it?

Readers: there are many links offered here to good articles.  Look over this listing of links and choose a few that interest you and read these.  Consider this post as a resource of sorts to some good blog posts by other bloggers.  As well, we have addressed several of these topics here on this blog over the past several years.  Interested readers can use the search box on our blog, or look over past months’ posts in the archives section.

the politicization, and thus corruption, of science

Here are 2 good essays on the state of science today.  We might add that medicine has also been corrupted by money and political considerations.  (Click on links in bold, blue color to be taken to the posts.)  When science becomes politicized, it loses it objectivity, and thus credibility and degenerates into pseudoscience.

Is political bias ruining science?


The climate wars’ damage to science

Here is an intriguing piece for those interested in science and philosophy and the interaction of the two:

Philosophical approach vs contemporary scientific approach


on liberalism and the decline or destruction of the West

The problem for many of us with today’s liberals is that their policies are often times impractical (and even harmful), and also lead to an impairment of our true freedoms.  No matter how much money and effort are expended, their policies do not produce positive results.  Many otherwise intelligent people suffer from what is now called “libtardation”.  This is when near fanatical adherence and allegiance to liberal ideology effectively disconnects a person from reality.  Rational arguments and real world experience that counter the tenets of liberal ideology are dismissed and ignored by the libtard.  Since liberal ideology dominates today in most of society’s institutions, we need to look critically at this ideology.

Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide

What of tolerance?  What of tolerance for opposing viewpoints?

7 intolerable deadly sins against the progressive, neo-Puritan worldview

From 2015, this post addresses social justice warriors who simply can never be satisfied:

You can’t compromise with culture warriors


on conspiracy theories

5 conspiracy theories that turned out to be true


on forbidden (taboo) history of the Second World War

Why was the war fought in Europe?  The outcome was that Europe was wrecked, millions had perished, much of the continent lay in ruins, and many nations were forcibly placed under the heel of Stalin’s totalitarian communism.  Here are 4 insightful posts that provide much food for thought.

In this first post, we see that Hitler did the most unforgivable thing when he freed the demoralized German people from the predatory usury imposed on a defeated Germany by international bankers.  Within 5 years, National Socialist Germany went from being the poorest country in Europe to being the richest.  The risk to the bankers was that more countries might imitate the successful German example.

How Hitler defied the bankers

In this next well researched essay by John Wear*, we see that the American president, Franklin Roosevelt, worked hard to bring about war in Europe.  (We know that none of you read about this in your history classes in high school and college.)  FDR was a villain, a most evil man in many ways.  War was to be forced on to Hitler, who, being surrounded by adversaries, often acted preemptively to defend the German state and its people.  * Mr. Wear’s book, Germany’s War, is still available on Amazon.  Buy it now while it is still available for purchase.

Roosevelt conspired to start World War II in Europe

In this third related post, we see that at the time nationalism, a strong, bold (ethnic) nationalism was the only force to oppose the Bolshevization of Europe.  Make no mistake, notwithstanding all the postwar atrocity propaganda (extreme, absurd claims that have no basis in reality, and cannot withstand forensic scrutiny) against the defeated Germans, the communists killed several tens of millions of human beings from the 1920s through the 1940s.  Why the censorship of actual historical facts?

Censorship, communism, and common sense

Speaking of censorship, we have this piece by Mike King, author of The Bad War, on how his masterful work was banned on Amazon in March, 2017.  Still think we have freedoms in the US?  Free speech is not free if it offends certain powerful special interest groups who rule over us.

The story of how “The Bad War” was banned by Amazon



Getting nearer to the 3rd rail here, we can hear the hum of the high voltage electricity.

Homosexual fascism (militant and aggressive) is critiqued in this next linked post:

Tactics of the homosexual movement

The Jewish connection to LGBTQ and the sexual revolution is exposed in this next post.  We had long been aware of the role of the Institute for Social Research (the so-called Frankfurt School, composed of radical Jews bent on destroying Christian civilization, and who had to flee Germany (for New York) once Hitler came to power in January, 1933), but we were not aware of this other even more radical Jewish organization and its role in promoting the sexual and moral anarchy we now have in Western societies around the globe.  German students burned books and pamphlets from this terrible institute.

The true story behind sexual degeneracy


on Christian Zionism

Christian Zionism (CZ), for those who believe in it without question or doubt, is effectively religious dogma that cannot be questioned.  The sad fact is that CZ is religious error that was made up in the 17th and 18th centuries in England and then in America by various leading Protestants of the time.  CZ predates the Jewish Zionism of the late 1800s by hundreds of years.   (Chuck Baldwin, in the below interview,  does not make this clear: that Christian Zionism goes back to the 1600s in England.  Scofield’s Bible was a later permutation of this erroneous thinking.)  We are now millimeters away from the 3rd rail now as CZs take their position so seriously that for them doubters (or dissenters) are risking everlasting hell-fire.

Let’s read what a former Christian Zionist has to say on this topic.

FYI Chuck Baldwin destroys Christian Zionism and perpetual wars

Also, another relevant post by the same person (highly recommended for those who near worship Jews):

Lest you did not know: Donald Trump, John Hagee, Zionism and the Chabad


on the Jews

We now consciously, and purposely stomp on the 3rd rail of political correctness, and will no doubt piss off CZs (any who have read this far) and others brainwashed by the crap that we are fed on a daily basis in the media and from Hollywood and from the government.  Jews will reflexively scream “anti-Semitism” for inconvenient truths being brought to light.  So be it.  We fight on.  There is no turning back on this journey to the truth.

We have often wondered how Western Civilization might have developed and evolved organically over the past 100 plus years if the Jews could have just lived in Western nations without incessantly trying to change those nations/societies’ culture, values, politics, economy, etc.  Alas, we will never know what might have been.  All we can do now is to work to expose Jewish villainy, and try to take back our culture.

Now, do not get me wrong here!  There are many good, decent Jewish folks in Western nations.  However, that said, we cannot flinch from the fact that powerful Jewish groups and Jewish individuals have worked tirelessly to change Western countries to what they think these countries ought to be like.

relevant links

Say it isn’t so.  No, the Jewish interests really do control American politics.  We do not think that this is what the framers of the Constitution intended.

FYI Israel’s stranglehold on American politics

On our erstwhile “ally” Israel (no “conspiracy” theory here, but very unpleasant truths).:

FYI newly released FBI docs shed light on apparent Mossad foreknowledge of 9-11 attacks

The Jewish “question” or “problem” has existed for centuries, if not millennia.  Here is a lengthy, but highly informative post that provides some interesting quotes from some famous men (and women) on the topic of the Jews, and their behavior.

What world famous men have said about the Jews

Let us now consider the Jewish role in the world wars.  (This upcoming book will no doubt be banned by Amazon.)

The Jewish hand in the world wars

The Jews have, for the past century or more, promoted the ethnic and demographic changes for Europe, to make it the multiracial, “multi-cultural”, dysfunctional continent that it now largely is.  Here is an essay from 1941 that informs us that the Germans saw this coming decades before the rest of Europe realized or took this seriously.  (It makes the most pragmatic sense for peoples to remain in their native countries and to build these up through their own collective efforts.  The West needs to stop wrecking countries in these regime change wars that make things worse for the peoples of the world.)

International ethnic mush or united national states of Europe

end of post


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