Logic of ‘Antisemitism’ would Indicate Powerful Jews are Most ‘Antisemitic’ for their Actions Exhibiting Obscene Levels of Jewish Power and Influence

Long before I saw the writings of others on the Jews, I had noticed the names and ethnicity of major players behind so many movements to change Western Civilization over the past century.   But, there are many other astute observers who also see clearly what is going on in the world.   It may just be that so-called “anti-Semitism” is now a needed survival tool for ethnic Europeans concerned with the survival (and perpetuation) of their culture in today’s world.   This reblogged post is food for thought.

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Is Alan Dershowitz an Anti-Semite for saying Jews indeed do possess disproportionate power and influence?

Jewish commentators and social critics often argue that Antisemitic Stereotypes or Tropes never seem to go away. What are their examples of ‘Antisemitism’? The perception that Jews control the mass media. The suspicion that Jews control banking and finance. The accusation that Jews have inordinate controls of elite institutions of society and abused their power to make the US fight Wars for Israel. The impression that Jews are more loyal to other Jews around the world and to Israel than to the particular nation in which they reside. And there are other matters too: Jews control vice industries such as gambling. Jews promote drugs, illegal and legal, to demoralize and even destroy goy peoples. Jews push for Mass Migration-Invasion to increase Diversity to play divide-and-rule among fractured and contentious goyim. Jews promote prostitution, pornography, and…

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      1. I read her posts regularly, but missed this one.
        Some seem far out, some seem spot on. Either way, thought provoking for sure!

      2. Yes, sometimes Andrea seems to go off the rails, but for the most part she correctly understands the Jews and their damn schemes.

  1. An “anti-Semite” is someone that the Jews hate.

    Jews seem completely incapable of looking at themselves in the mirror. They are total psychopaths. They will do to others exactly what they would NOT want to be done to themselves. And they never seem to be bothered by this obvious conundrum. That’s because they don’t see others (the goyim) as being in any way, shape or form equivalent to themselves. They are the ultimate supremacists. And any Jew who can’t acknowledge this obvious fact is kidding himself.

    1. Hey Stephen, thanks for your comment. Yes, Herve Ryssen pointed out in one of his books that the Jews are guilty of what he terms accusatory inversion (this may not be the correct term, I am recalling this from memory). This basically means that the Jews accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of.

      Here is a good link to a post found on another blog. It deals with the undeniable fact that the Jews harbor much hatred for all others; all non-Jews are targets for their hatred and violence.


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