a visit to Rockhound State Park in New Mexico

We now post some pics from our brief visit to Rockhound State Park, south of Deming in southern New Mexico.



This small, out of the way, state park is reached by paved roads from the town of Deming on Interstate 10 in New Mexico.  In about 15 minutes driving from the Interstate, the parking lot and visitor center is reached.  Although there are camp sites, and these were occupied by campers, many visitors just come to hike the few trails and collect rocks.  The day use fee is 5 US dollars.  The lady at the visitor center informed us that the park is busy between mid September and mid May, but does not get many visitors in the hot months of late Spring and Summer.

We visited primarily to take a break from all the driving on our trip.  It was midday, Sunday, 16 June.

This next pic gives an idea of the loneliness of the park that day.  There were local ranches that bordered the park, and thus the site is not as remote and lonely as it might be.  Here, we see the small parking lot in front of the visitor center, which was only open at this time of year for 3 hours each day.



A closer view here.  The corner stone indicated that this building was constructed in the year 2000.



On the far side of the visitor center, there was a little garden of sorts with desert vegetation on display.  Our car is at the left of the photo in the distance.



My wife is posing between 2 desert plants in the warm, midday sunlight.



One of the park staff suggested we try this trail which starts just beyond the parking lot.  The round trip for this trail would be one mile, but there is no obligation to walk the full length of the trail.



This shot indicates the visitor center receding as we start out along this trail.



In the distance, across the relatively flat desert floor, we can see mountains.



Another view along the trail.  We were the only ones walking it at that time.



We saw several clumps of cactus, or cacti along the trail and near to it in the open country.



This next shot is a nice pic as we can see distant hills, desert vegetation, and a blue sky above.



A typical view along the trail as it winds through the vegetation.  This park is for rock hounds, but this short trail appeared to have been picked clean of any jasper long ago.



A cactus has lost a segment in this shot.  These hearty desert plants had needles protruding outwards which presented a risk of harm (cuts, punctures) for the inattentive visitor.  We had also been warned to be aware of snakes near the trail during this time of year.



Later, back at the visitor center, we took these next 2 shots.



Next image.



If you find yourself traveling by car in southern New Mexico on the Interstate 10 highway, you might consider a short excursion to this state park for a couple hours.

Now, let us take a look inside the visitor center.



Humans were in the area long ago.  But, I am not sure they were there when mammoths were still to be found and hunted.



The next few pics of informational posters tell us of current wildlife in the area.



Another poster in the visitor center.



Bird life.



Aw, yes, in the warmer months, we have reptilian residents in the park and surrounding areas.



end of photo essay

copyright 2019 – larrysmusings.com

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