Americans: reject cultural and military imperialism

Here we go again!  Recently, it was Venezuela in the cross hairs of the militarists in the US.  Now, it is Iran.  Excuses or provocations for war can always be manufactured or “faked”, and that has happened in the past.  (The Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964, that launched the Vietnam War, has been debunked.  False flag attacks are used to get the American people behind wars, large and small.)  President Trump complains often about fake news, but he relied on social media hearsay of a chemical attack in Syria in April of last year to justify lobbying missiles on Syria (an act of war, by the way).  So, are these oil tanker attacks in the Gulf of Oman really the acts of Iran?  Secretary of State Pompeo cannot give us any proof of his assertions of Iranian culpability.

Americans must accept that many countries do not want to be like we would have them be like.  How many more nations and peoples must be destroyed before we grow tired of endless regime change wars?  We in the US do not benefit by what has been done directly or by proxy to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen. (There is hellish suffering in these countries caused by Western interventions that remind us of the atrocities and the heinous war crimes that the Allies committed during World War Two.)  Rather than send a few dollars to these many “charities” that purportedly help maimed and paralyzed veterans, let us work to stop the war machine, the military-industrial-banking-government complex that is completely out of control.  These wars, that cost us much blood and treasure and make more enemies of the US around the globe, only serve the interests of a tiny (apartheid and schizophrenic) foreign state which cares not for America.  In fact, when the microphones are turned off, the Israelis admit their hatred of the US.

Mathias Chang was spot on in his book, Brainwashed for War: Programmed to Kill ({reviewed on this blog last summer).  We really are conditioned to accept wars and have a desire to kill other peoples.  This shit has to stop.  We are not free, rather we are slaves to this state of perpetual war.

The United States was not founded to be an empire.  It was to be a republic that would reject needless and harmful foreign entanglements.  But, perhaps out of envy of the European colonial powers of the 19th and early 20th centuries, the US opted for wars and then more wars beginning with the Spanish American War of 1898.  After 1945, the US took it upon itself to be the world’s policeman to stop the spread of communism.  Such irony indeed!  It was America’s actions (thank FDR) that turned 2 regional wars into a worldwide conflagration the result of which was to make large areas of the globe safe for communism!

Americans, I urge you to reject these needless and terribly destructive wars now.  The killing and maiming has to stop.  If your religious convictions are driving you to support wars for a foreign state, you are a victim of religious error, or perhaps of insanity.  Reject group think, and develop a functioning moral conscience.  Lastly, I urge all people who claim to be religious to govern their religious fervor with reason.  (Christians ought to recall and think on the words of Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount: “Blessed are the peacemakers. . . .”)

Our feature image is called Rails for War, and was captured in north Texas on 9 June 2019.  Military armor is being transported on flat bed rail cars.



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  2. “the Israelis admit their hatred of the US.”

    Why???? What is the reason for that???? The US is the most pro Israel Country in the World.

    1. The US is Israel’s lap dog, or really, their bitch. The Zionists use the US, and as I said they do hate the US. You must understand the schizophrenic mindset of the Jews. They admit to being the destroyers of societies. Americans need to wake up and reject this obsesion with the “poor” Jews. Scroll down on our home page and read the reblogged post on the Jews for more insights as to their behavior.

  3. Well, at least you’ve tried! I hope and wish your war-like Amerikans would hear and listen to your passionate appeal although I know for a fact that they will not. All over the West anti-war movement is dead. The hate for Russia, for Iran, for Muslim for migrants have overridden their rational thinking. In here Australia, I have no statistics, but those I met and talked to have swallowed entirely the government and MSM propaganda including my own extended family and relatives , who have always been with the Yanks and Jews regardless of whatever. If you had chance to hang around Orange county California where the majority of Viet-Amerikans resides you’ve probably undrstood what I meant.

    1. Thanks my friend for stopping by. I remember some of the Vietnamese refugees in the Bay Area back in 1981, and am aware of many of them now living in Orange County in southern CA. The Americans are so brainwashed by the corrupt political system, the fake history they are taught, and the fraudulent MSM that it is quite difficult to reach them on any substantive issues with the truth. The US military serves 2 purposes: to fight wars for Israel, and to prevent any nation states from escaping the phony US dollar world reserve currency scam. As well, punitive economic sanctions are used to destroy any rebel states. But, that is breaking down as the US cannot bully Russia and China like they can smaller, weaker countries. Once the US dollar falls, the American Empire will end. The Jews in Israel recognize this and are already trying to scam the rising power of China into being their next bitch.

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