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We now share links to various posts from other blogs this month that are worth pondering.  From time to time, we do this as a service to our readers.

on science and scientists

Are scientists delusional or disconnected from reality?  Can they take a step back and be objective about their theories?  Read more here:

scientists are under delusion and they do think that the universe is governed by their theories

And, how about that long feared sea level rise?  Here is a good piece about that for interested readers (courtesy of the good folks in Queensland, Australia):

Indian Ocean sea levels rise 0.00 mm over past century

on societal breakdown and social and moral decay

Andrea, a Slavic blogger, does not attempt to water her observations and her conclusions down so as to be politically correct or appear “sensitive”.  Like her or not, agree with her or not, you will see that she is not afraid to speak truth to power in her writings, and challenge the current paradigm.

the lost connective links of our decadent, degenerate society: the only remaining value is nihilism and blind worship of power . . .

on the “clash of civilizations”

Here is an insightful piece, and many of you may have read the book, Clash of Civilizations and The Remaking of World Order, by Samuel Huntington back in the 1990s.  (We have a copy on one of our many bookshelves here at larrysmusings.)  The state of perpetual war must be maintained, sorry to say, and that means more people in other countries will suffer and die, either through punitive economic sanctions, wars by proxy, or by direct US military actions.  Can the cycle be broken?

clash of civilizations – 2.0

from the Peace Pirate blog

We have several selections here from this blog, and you could even pick any one of these articles at random and find much food for thought.

the danger of the collapsing American empire

A dishonest, and unethical news media, you don’t say:

the world is being torn apart because the media is poisoning us with hate

It is said that the push for the new 5th generation (“5G”) of wireless communications technology is not just motivated by corporate greed for profits, but is also due to the surveillance capability of that near microwave (and harmful) technology.  But, even without 5G, we are living now in a surveillance type state.

the omnipresent surveillance state: Orwell’s 1984 is no longer fiction

Eventually, Russia and China may act against US provocations.  That will truly be a very dangerous time for the world.  (Americans are going to have realize something here.  It is not 1945, not even 1975 anymore.  And, we cannot maintain a unipolar world through constant wars and intimidation of all other nation states on the planet.)

What comes after Trump – World War III?

And, here is another related post:

the unipolar world is over

A final post from this blog here speaks of false flag attacks used to precipitate US involvement in wars:

the American way of war

on dangerous Talmudic psychosis

This next post is quite incisive, but will be terribly upsetting to those who could be termed Judeophiles.  Just what is contained in the Jewish Talmud?  Have you ever wondered about that?

Forever War and the Talmudic Psychopath

on white genocide in South Africa

White farmers in South Africa are being attacked and murdered in truly alarming numbers.

South African genocide, yet media is silent

on Allied war making and war crimes

Here are 2 links that tell of things you do not read of in the history text books on World War 2.

What kind of war do you civilians suppose we fought?

And, this post also:

A holocaust was what the Americans did to the Germans


Our feature image (below) was captured in a TX motel room on our recent auto trip to Texas.  (We do not know where this actual scenery is located.)



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