LGBTQX pride: some thoughts

Last night, the local TV news here in San Francisco had a segment on the upcoming Gay Pride parade to be held on Sunday in this city, with several hundreds of thousands in expected attendance,  There was talk of the need for celebrating gay pride and solidarity now more than ever.

But, why?

Does the LGBTQX community feel threatened at this time?  If so, how so?

LGBTQX has gotten, over the years, all it ever demanded and even more than it demanded.  This leads us to the next related question.  (We must observe that the so-called “gay” agenda was advanced not at the ballot box or in many state houses, but largely through the courts and judicial activism.  This leads us to question, as other bloggers and writers have, the wisdom of allowing the courts with their unelected jurists to be the final arbiter on important issues affecting our society.  Sadly, the checks and balances in our constitution are only as good (read: effective) as the integrity of the men and women serving in the other branches of government.)

Equality or preferential treatment?

Was it, the homosexual “rights” movement, ever really about equality and equal rights?

Let us be honest here.  Gays (really the whole LGBTQX complex, including “trannies”) are the beneficiaries of what is accurately called preferential treatment.  There is no equality any longer.  (That equality is a fiction.)  Homosexuals have demanded that society validate and affirm their lifestyles, and we as a society have, through judicial diktat from on high, done so with so-called same sex marriage throughout the land.

It appears that the LGBTQX agenda is driven by a power dynamic, or an intense desire for power over our thoughts, and our speech, and our actions.  Criticize homosexuals, for any reason(s), and you will be accused of “homophobia”, or hate speech.  And, your speech will be limited or restricted in many venues.

The tail is wagging the dog.  Back in the mid 1990s, one could find articles asserting that about 10 per cent of the adult population in the US was gay, and another 10 per cent was bisexual.  Thus, how could a society deny rights to 20 per cent of its citizens?  These numbers were, of course, completely bogus.  We see the self-interested tyranny of a quite small percentage of the population.

LGBTQX contributions to society

But, what about all those contributions to society and the economy that the LGBTQX community makes?  Quite some time ago, in a much earlier blog post, I said that these same individuals would have made those very same contributions to the economy if they had been heterosexual.  There are gay grocers, and gay barbers, and gay doctors, and gay teachers, etc.  But all those occupations and many others do not require a homosexual orientation for those individuals working in them.

But, quantifiable contributions to the economy and the GDP do not tell the whole story.  There is much harm to society and to natural families when homosexuality is accepted, normalized and promoted.  This harm is not so easily quantifiable, but is nonetheless quite real.  We now hear of homosexual pedophiles asserting their “rights” to molest children.  (We could not make this stuff up.)

local San Francisco politics

Consider the state senator representing San Francisco in the state legislature in Sacramento.  Scott Weiner is far left and openly “gay”.  He is also Jewish, but that may be an ethnic identity, and not necessarily a religious one as most US Jews are atheists.  (Either way, Jews are opposed to Christian values, be they atheists or adherents of the tribal Talmud with its very chauvinistic and bigoted promotion of Jewish supremacism.)  You can see for yourself this self-identification at this link on Wikipedia under “personal life”.  (We did not make it up.)

My intent here is to opine that Scott Weiner is a good state senator for San Francisco in that he does accurately and faithfully represent the mindset of the majority of his constituents.  Of course, that does not mean that we endorse him or the various state laws he has sponsored.

globohomo and LGBTQX political alliances

We need to acknowledge an unpleasant truth: the promotion of homosexuality worldwide in the past several decades has had the active involvement of very many influential Jews.  One outspoken blogger has taken to describing this phenomena as “globohomo”, as the same folks who espouse globalism and a new world order run by extremely wealthy elites (with quite significant Jewish representation) also promote homosexuality far and wide (and some of these same individuals are homosexuals themselves).

LGBTQX aligns itself and allies politically with the other pressure groups of the Left, including pro-abortion groups.  There is political strength in numbers so that various far Left self-interested special interest pressure groups vote for the same candidates in each election cycle.

indoctrination of children in the public schools

LGBTQX is also allied politically with the various teacher unions in the US, such as the NEA.  They vote in lock step for the far Left party in the US.  (There is little “diversity” in the ranks as to voting patterns.)  Thus, we ought not be surprised that the public schools zealously promote the homosexual agenda on a daily basis.

Consider what our children are indoctrinated with in the public schools from a very early age: that abortion is a woman’s right, and that homosexuality is good and normal.  These are simply the bitter fruits of the moral relativism (really moral nihilism) of the “sexual revolution” of the 1960s.  Parents need to step and counter this vile crap and talk regularly with their children on important issues.

As well, in California, there has been a major push in the out of control state government to make it illegal to refer homosexuals, those who wish to come out of that lifestyle, to appropriate counseling professionals to assist them in transitioning away from the gay lifestyle and gay identity.  (You may now gain some insight as to why I refer to California as the “ideological plantation”.  Anyone interested in pragmatic approaches to solving problems based on real world experience is not given any voice in this state, which is effectively run by an authoritarian ideological regime in Sacramento.  The faces of the politicos may change from time to time, but the dogmatic, intolerant ideology entrenched in power does not change.  Many productive individuals, however, are voting with their feet and leaving this state to escape its ongoing attack on our true rights.  Because California cannot print its own money, as the federal government does, the state is facing a long term financial crisis that will one day bankrupt its Leftist dreams.)

These thoughts of ours are intended to serve as food for thought for readers as we note the climax of “gay pride” month here in the US.

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