identity politics dream ticket: Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg

The Democrats have a potential dream team that could sweep into the White House in next year’s US presidential election.  Consider a Harris-Buttigieg ticket in 2020.  Here are the identity politics’ boxes that can be checked with this team.  At the top of the ticket, Kamala Harris is a bi-racial woman.  Her running mate, Pete Buttigieg is openly (and unapologetically) “gay”.

boosting minority turnout at the polls (including non-citizens)

This ticket would surely boost minority turnout at the polls and in early voting (where allowed).  Minority voters, many of whom in 2016 were not enthusiastic about Hillary Clinton and stayed home on election day, will likely turnout in record numbers for this team.  This likely high turnout makes Kamala Harris a very formidable opponent, and this will also help her considerably during the primaries early next year.

clever use of the the victim card and the race card

Senator Harris showed everyone the other night during the debate in Miami that she is quite skillful in making use of both the race card and the victim card.  Harris would be an excellent presidential nominee for the Democrat Party, which as most observers have long known, is the political party of perpetual victimhood.  But, we must observe that she often appeals to people’s emotions, and she herself gets very animated and emotional at times.  This, of course, plays well with people who tend to make their decisions based on their emotions as they are not as comfortable with making use of their rational faculties.

promising everything to core Democrat constituent groups

What many citizens in the US may have forgotten or overlooked is that in the first few weeks after announcing her candidacy in January this year, Kamala met with many core constituencies of the Democrat machine across the country, and she promised each and every group that many (“billions”)  federal dollars would come their way if she wins the election.

serious problems with Harris’ uber big government agenda

The sad fact is, despite the irrational euphoria of those who keep buying stocks today, that the US economy is overdue for a downturn.  This is made all the more likely as the (so-called) Federal Reserve raised interest rates too many times in the past few years and those rate increases are still working their way through the economy.  The US could be in a financial crises by the time of the election late next year.  There are many bubbles that could burst in rather quick succession (such as the corporate debt bubble, the housing bubble, the stock market bubble, and the cumulative US national debt bubble).

The bottom line is that a financial crisis next year could assure that President Trump loses his re-election bid, but whoever succeeds him is going to have a very hard time funding socialist, big government dreams.  How is Kamala going to pay for her plans?  Foreigners are already reducing their exposure to the US dollar and US dollar denominated debt instruments.  Americans cannot make up the shortfall as they are not savers, they are debtors (they seek immediate gratification and largely live beyond their means).  Massive money printing to finance big government spending will unleash inflation upon us all.

As well, Kamala Harris believes that government should intrude into all areas of our lives.  And, everyone else on the stage on both nights in Miami is on board with this absurd, debunked nonsense.  All the Democrat candidates despise our true rights.  They clearly hate our property rights which are the foundation of our freedoms.

Harris is hypocritical on the rule of law

Harris (a former prosecutor and state’s attorney general) and most of the other candidates in Miami agreed that it should not be illegal to enter the country outside of the normal legal protocols for visiting and immigrating to the country.  Harris believes the laws should be changed such that there would never be anyone classed as an illegal entrant to the country.  So, let us not enforce existing laws as she desires these be rewritten or abandoned as she sees fit.  This is a hint (really foreshadowing) that we will see the lawlessness under her administration that we saw with Erik Holder’s Department of Justice under President Obama.  Harris is a tyrant in waiting.

Buttigieg’s comment on separation of church and state

He told us that the Democrat Party believes in the separation of church and state, and that it welcomes all peoples of all faiths, and even those of no faith.  What he clearly failed to tell us is the obvious fact that ideology serves as a substitute for religion for millions of Americans today, and that the Democrat Party does not in practice keep its Leftist ideology separate from the state when it is in power.  Think about that for a moment or two.

the scariest individual on the stage in Miami

By far, the scariest individual on stage was Bernie Sanders.  He arrogantly talks down to us and tells us how things ought to, no, must be here in the US.  He has never met a payroll.  He has never worked with supplies and vendors, and on the other side of the business, he has never worked with customers.  He has never dealt with federal and state regulations as a small business person.  Those of us who have can clearly see that this man, if he gets his way and implements his agenda, will wreck what is left of the economy for all Americans.  Yet, this fraud is idolized by significant segments of the electorate!!

(As the Democrats, especially Sanders, bitch and whine about health care for everyone, consider this.  If it were not for the health insurance companies limiting payments to doctors and hospitals for their services, these (the doctors and hospitals) in their greed, would be charging what the market would bear.  I have seen this during my interactions with the health care industry in the past few years.  Do away with private health insurance and go to nationalized healthcare for all?  Think again silly Americans.)

And, Sanders does all this pontificating* in his chauvinistic, smug, arrogant, self-righteous, know-it-all manner.  He is a cousin to those who murderously Bolshevized Russia a century ago.  We will not overlook his quite aggressive, Jewish arrogance here on this blog.  (Per the Talmud, the goyim (referring to non-Jews, literally “cattle”) are on Earth to serve the Jews.  Remember that.)

*definition here: express one’s opinions in a way considered annoyingly pompous and dogmatic.

other related thoughts

But, hey, as I have remarked on other’s blogs in various comments, both major parties here in the US are effectively controlled by the Jews.  Thus, as I have said before, in each election, the choice for American voters is which clique of Jews do you wish to rule over you?  The Marxist-Leninist faction that controls the Democrat Party, or the Zionist, neocon, Trotskyite, Likud faction that clearly controls the Republican Party?

And, that is how we see it here in late June, 2019.  We are disenchanted with both major, corrupt political parties in the US.  And, why is there not a mandatory retirement age for US Supreme Court justices?  It has become quite tiresome and irksome listening to Ruth Bader Ginsburg lecturing the citizenry from on high.  She promises to stay on the high court for many more years as she hopes to live into her mid 90s (she is now in her mid 80s).  Only in America  . . . . only in America . . .

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    1. Yes, I recently heard that Judicial Watch won a lawsuit that will make Los Angeles county clean up its voter rolls. They say there a well over one million names on those rolls of people who are not eligible to vote for various and sundry reasons. Elections today are a sham, sorry to say.

  2. A dream team that forces socialism, more government control, higher taxes, and more constraints upon freedom? Are you kidding? You need to get some education rather than indoctrination!

    1. Now, you have caught my attention. Apparently, you failed to take this post in context of this entire blog of 7 plus years. My subtle sarcasm was lost in your eyes.

  3. Identity politics supposedly derived in 1977 but they’ve always been around to divide people so that a political party can capitalize on the voter base fracture! The Bolshevicks practiced it well in Russia, Mao in Red China after defeating Chiang Kai Chek’s nationalists, Castro in Cuba born to a wealthy plantation family who then doomed generations of his people to toil away in sugar fields for 6 bucks a day. Common denominator of leftist causes millions dead, poverty and suffering all for an ideology that has failed time and time again! And here are the Democrats repeating the same lies again! This is the definkition of insanity!

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