sundry thoughts on life and on everyday people

For the everyday people in their daily struggles, we wish them strength and peace.  (By everyday people, we clearly do not mean the people in the streets (the mob, or rabble) tearing things down in their protests, demonstrations, or riots.  Destructive and violent individuals rarely can ever work to a constructive purpose, and are often very tormented individuals filled with anger and hate.)

It is amazing, or in a sense, awe-inspiring when we think about the collective efforts of people going about their daily lives.  We take so much for granted in modern, techno-industrial societies the world over – don’t we?  Sure, it is our hard earned daily bread (as in money) that pays for the food on our tables, and for the clothes we wear, and for the roof over our heads.  But, it took human efforts, human labors to provide these goods and services just the same.  We are dependent upon on others, and, thus, there is a certain interdependence we share with many other human beings on a daily and ongoing basis.  And, with international commerce, this interdependence reaches across the globe.  Think about that the next time you reach for a fruit or vegetable that was grown and harvested in a far-off land by farmers you will never see or know of.

Let us not overlook nor trivialize the daily efforts of parents in child rearing.  Especially, we appreciate and applaud the daily sacrifices and efforts of mothers the world over.  We so desperately need stronger families, and for children to be raised to be responsible adults, who will live productive and constructive lives.  Sadly, feminism, with its warped and twisted logic (really ideology), has devalued and demeaned mothers around the developed world.  (Nowadays, a woman’s worth and dignity are a function of how much money she earns in the corporatist economy.)  That is a sociological tragedy.  We see all around us the bitter fruits of failed families and one parent households.

with unity of purpose

Consider for a moment, what might human kind accomplish and achieve if there were unity of purpose.  No, I am not talking here about the unity of purpose of those communists who have called for a worldwide workers’ revolution.  Sadly, as we all intuitively know, ideologies and organized religions have been used to divide peoples against each other throughout the ages.

But, what if (an unrealistic “if” to be sure) people worked for a common goal of world peace and development?  Instead of all the many resources and gigantic efforts directed into making war upon each other in an attempt to control each other, what if we worked for peace and development?  (Let’s not even bring into the discussion the phony, failed UN, which was chartered in the 1940s to push a one world government run by power hungry elites.)

What if?

summary thoughts on life

It seems to me, now that I am older, and perhaps sadder but wiser, that life is a process, a quite painful, and at times exasperating process of transformation, growth and becoming.  We are, as it were, works in progress.  Perhaps that is why Sri Aurobindo (died 1950) instructed us to look at what a man has become.  What state of spiritual and moral development did he attain by the end of his life?  Did he develop or evolve spiritually?

Clearly, humility is sorely needed in living out our lives.  Life does humble even the favored among us.  As well, patience and temperance are also quite necessary.  And, this last piece of advice is difficult to live by: we need to control our innate egoism, and our self-centeredness which leads to self-absorption and selfish living.  For the Christian, that ought to be clear and easily understood.  Simply recall Christ’s 2 commandments in the New Testament.

the treatment of animals

My final thought for this post is a feeling of compassion even for animals.  We were in a large pet store the other day (one of the national chain pet stores).  As we passed the section with reptiles and amphibians, a small lizard caught my eye.  He/she kept pushing against the glass or clear plastic of his pen in what appeared to be an effort to escape.  Animals suffer in this world, and they do possess a level of sentience.  It is sad.

Cruel methods of animal slaughter, training animals in some sub-cultures to fight against each other for entertainment, bull-fighting in Spanish countries, the inhumane treatment of animals by technicians in experiments around the world, primitive, superstitious animal sacrifice, various callous agricultural practices, etc.  This terribly inhumane treatment is a poor reflection upon us.  It is, as Srila Prabhupada (1896 – 1977) opined, “slaughterhouse civilization”.

If your idea or concept of masculinity is based on being needlessly cruel to animals, or enjoying the sight of their suffering, there is something seriously wrong – both spiritually and psychologically – with you.

Consider that animals only behave violently based upon their instincts.  Yes, there are predators, but that is their nature and they are not free to change it.  Animals also behave violently when they are under attack, or are suffering from terrible diseases, such as rabies.

Can we make such excuses for humans who act violently and destructive?

Our feature image is from a walk in the park a few years back.



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