musings and recent eye opening links

In no particular order, here are some recent thoughts of mine.

There are those who have a seemingly fairy tale image of Heaven, or of the afterlife in a better plane of existence.  For some Christians, they seem to think that upon entering Heaven they will become almost omniscient, or almost all-knowing.  This may be a vain hope or false expectation.  If we as individual spirit souls truly are in an eternal servitor relationship with God, we ought not feel that we will become like God if or when we enter into the heavenly abode.

And, the atheist may accuse the sincere religious believer of clinging to an adult version of a fairy tale when he or she believes in a heavenly state.  But, as we have already done battle with atheists near and far on this blog, we will not spend precious time now to point out the flaws in atheism.  (See earlier posts if you like on this subject by using the search box on the sidebar of this blog.)

What do we now see in the streets of US cities?  Well, what we have seen at intervals in recent years, that is Leftist violence and mayhem.  Make no mistake citizen readers.  When the mayors of major cities here in the US order their police departments to stand down in the face of senseless violence and destruction by the “antifa” thugs, it is because they approve of the mob violence.  The narrative is that these antifa punks (mostly white beta males, by the way), who hide behind their masks and hoods, are fighting fascism, and our quite rightly outraged by the moral abuses and alleged rights abuses by “fascists”.  Do not believe it.  Those on the Left have for a very long time been liberal fascists here in the US (as they get their way on so many issues through non-democratic means, often by court activism and judicial diktats).  Ideological fanaticism is as dangerous, perhaps even more dangerous (and violent) than religious fanaticism.

It was deeply offensive to me see that the VP Pence, Secretary of State Pompeo, and the unhinged Bolton were speaking at a Christians United for Israel event.  CUFI is made up of faux or counterfeit Christians, who are obsessed with pandering to, perhaps even worshiping the Israeli Jews, who are certainly no friends of Christianity.  The US is already at war with Iran and is prosecuting that war via its punitive economic sanctions.  When will Americans wake up to who really rules over us?

It is one thing for a nation’s government to be informed by authentic Christian values.  It is quite another thing when some of its top officers make an obligatory pilgrimage to a confab where serious religious error is on display and being celebrated (we refer here to Christian Zionism).

Now, let us turn to recent links that are worth reading, and thinking upon.  Pick a few posts to read as time allows.  And, feel free to share these links with others.

links of interest

With so much confusion on sex in these degraded times, it is worth reflecting on God’s intention about sex.  Ruth, a Christian blogger from the upper Midwest, recently posted this piece at her blog, Awaken Love:

understand God’s intention about sex

This next link is to a thought provoking post on how transgenderism is being pushed by those who promote transhumanism.

transgenderism as transhumanism tool: the body is just a husk for downloading the consciousness

On climate fear mongering and hysteria:

the climate crisis hoax

The vicious attacks on Christianity in Europe are intensifying:

Anti-Christian jihad but where are the church leaders and leftists?

Here is an interesting article that challenges black people on the issue of race in the US:

thankful to be an American black

Are you still a captive of Christian Zionist thinking and beliefs?  This post may help you.

how pastor Chuck Baldwin came out of the bondage of Christian Zionism

The taboo topic that will likely never be discussed in the political campaigns in the US:

what is not being debated that must be brought out into the open: stop funding Israel with American tax payer money

for truth in history

For truth in history, we recommend this post about the postwar Nuremberg trials:

Howard Buffet and major figures on the Nuremberg show trials

Jews who exposed the holocaust tale as false (fabricated, distorted):

fyi holocaust truth: Did six million really die?

Here is a related post on the holocaust and its effects on all of us (thought provoking insights):

the holocaust museum effect

on Jewish power

The Jews loudly and forcefully deny that they have so much power, yet we could not make this stuff up: Jewish pressure groups get a book banned in Europe that exposes their power.

Penguin, Rothschild and Zionist pressure

Another post:

protecting the Jews – Israel Shamir

The indefatigable Andrea has penned this rather lengthy, but thought provoking piece:

the first step toward national liberation is the realization that whites are the new Palestinians

on Jewish villainy

Still thinking that the Jews are so freaking pure and noble?  Think again.

review of rise and kill first: the secret Israeli worldwide assassination program

And for more Jewish villainy that you did not hear of in the news (just one of many Jewish scams and schemes that bilk people out of their money):

on chosen-mess by gilad atzmon


Our feature image (below) appears to have been an accidental shot taken on our recent trip to Texas.  Old stone steps are viewed from a skewed angle.



end of post


  1. Some very thought provoking links indeed!
    My brain can not keep up! So much new information, so many lies exposed… all the things I need te relelearn and reevaluate… on top of all the mess, lies and vileness that we see today!
    Really I am having a hard time to find peace of mind, because of all this.

    1. Hey now, it is terribly disturbing indeed. And, yes, it is quite difficult to get peace of mind in so troubled a world. We all must fight on for truth and justice.

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