Longhorn Cavern State Park – part two

There was no indication of paranormal activity during the tour.  But, this cavern did present some surreal rock faces to the visitors in places.

We now finish our photo essay on Longhorn Cavern State Park.

In this first image, with a little imagination, one might see the upper face of some type of creature.



A rather strange scene is seen in this next pic.



Looking up here at what?  These rock formations are open to subjective interpretations as to the shapes they suggest.



In the upper right of this next pic, a reader (viewer) might imagine a human face of sorts.



We see striated rock in this next photo.



As the tour guide informed us, this is rock that was damaged by exploding or popping air bubbles in the ancient past.  The rock surface is pitted in many places.



A closer look now, and it captures the effects of natural processes.



At one point along the walking trail, the tour guide altered the lighting to produce this effect for us.



We see part of the electrical system in the cavern that keeps the lights on.



We arrived at the furthest point from the entrance on the tour.  There is another lower chamber, or system of chambers below where we were.  It is only available on a special tour that requires spelunking equipment as the lower chambers are narrower, wetter, and less developed for tourists.



Here is a view along the walkway.



In this next pic, we see a rock outcropping of which there were several throughout the cave system.



We see here a closeup of the rock layers along the trail.



This is an interesting shot that shows 2 large rock layers of differing colors and textures.



Another scene along the tour.  The rock formations did change now and again making for some interesting views.



Chaotic shapes are seen here.  Note the much lighter colors than in many previous shots.



There were more bizarre rock formations to be seen.



Another area on the trail is seen here (at trail level, not looking up).  Some of this rock scenery resembles what one can see in various national parks in the US Southwest.  But, bear in mind, that this is all underground, and the rocks here are older than some of the sandstone formations and limestone formations found in Arizona and Utah.



Another nearby scene.



In this next pic, we see a “room” off to the side of the tourist trail.



We can think of this next view as being of a domed chamber of the cavern system.



In this last underground pic, we see another tall room.  The various rock surfaces have different textures.



Arriving back near the visitor center, we see an old stone building.  It looks as if it might be host to some paranormal activity.  Who can say?



Some clarification and context is needed when reading the sign below.  The cavern system may be only a few million years old, yes, but the sedimentary rock which it is cut from is hundreds of millions of years old.



copyright 2019 – larrysmusings.com

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