Thursday thoughts: humility, technology, character strength, and education

Man (we speak here generically, and thus we are referring to the collective of both men and women) suffers today from a lack of humility.  We see this quite often in man’s ongoing attempts to bludgeon nature and abuse natural (moral) laws with his newly found technological prowess.  But, might does not make right!  Our grandparents must be rolling over in their graves with what goes on every day in the world now.

Here is a brief litany of man’s current and ongoing abuses.  Man’s current technology now permits him to do things that he ought not do.  In his arrogance, man now makes and destroys human embryos (human beings at the earliest stage of physical development) in his fertility “clinics”.  This commodification of children is quite sad, and seems to me to be dehumanizing to both the product (the children so created), and to the producer (the lab technicians).  Similarly, we hear now of even more grotesque and gruesome practices in the nation’s abortion mills, where children are offered by the thousands each and every day for sacrifice on the alter of “choice”.  This ongoing cannibalization of our most vulnerable members of society is most profoundly disturbing, especially given that the vast majority of Americans are largely unconcerned about it.  Quickly, now, we note the ongoing abuses of toxic, government mandated vaccines, harmful GMOs in our food supply, the secretive, yet no longer deniable, chem trails program, the surveillance state, the coming very dangerous 5G (as in 5th generation) near microwave wireless technology that will blast all citizens (and livestock and wild life) with harmful radiation, even those who do not use cell or Iphones at all.   We ought also mention here that we recently saw a piece on Lyme disease, and how it may very well be a biological warfare agent that got out of the lab on Long Island (New York state) in the 1960s.  Why are humans developing biological weapons?!  Are not the other conventional and nuclear munitions quite adequate?!  Also, we question the wisdom of splitting atoms (nuclear power) merely to boil water to drive steam turbines in electric power generation.

A return to sanity, a return to morality, and acquiring humility is sorely needed collectively across the world, but especially in the so-called developed nations.  We have allowed our technological and scientific progress to blind us to the dangers of these.  The current situation is somewhat like allowing a chimpanzee to operate the controls of an automobile, or a train, or an airplane.

Humility can help us to avoid delusions of godhood, and help us to recognize our limitations.  It can also help to free us from the bondage to our lust for power (and control over nature and over other humans).

character strength

We, as individuals, need character strength.  It is apparent, all around us in society, that many individuals lack character strength and self-control.  We see this in how people live their lives.

How do humans, with a flawed, or if you prefer, fallen nature, acquire character strength?

The short answer is through tough, trying experiences.  In a word, hardship.  Life is a forge, so said the zen master.  To purify a metal, it must have its impurities burned away in the fire.  The fact that character strength is acquired the hard way, so to speak, is proof, in a sense, of man’s (and woman’s) flawed nature.  The good, constructive, and loving virtues have to be cultivated in each individual’s heart and mind.

on education

Yes, we have addressed the state of education previously here on this blog. Thus, we will be brief today on the subject.

The schools today are an ideological plantation.  These are not centers of education, where the pupils’ critical thinking skills are developed (the true purpose of education).  Rather, indoctrination, not education, is what happens in these schools.  This is true of higher education, and is also true in the elementary and the high schools today.  Parents do not have much say in their children’s state controlled education.  A big part of the problem is the strength of the corrupt teachers’ unions, which resist any serious bench marks or standards for their members.  The much maligned Betsy DeVos, current US Secretary of Education, has tried to correct some of the abuses in US public education and give parents some school choice, but she has been fought tooth and nail on every issue by the politicized teacher unions (such as the NEA among others).

For home schoolers, the reality is that when your children go off to college, they will come back with their minds filled with all the politically correct nonsense that you worked so hard to protect them from.  This is where character strength comes in.  Home schooling does not develop the type of personal inner strength needed for a young person to resist the peer pressure and the pressure (bullying and shaming) from Marxist academics at university.  This is disheartening, but it is proven true in literally many thousands of young home-schooled personal lives.

And, let’s look at the bigger societal picture.  With a seriously biased historiography in the Western world, a corrupt and ideologically driven news media and journalism trade (I will not call journalism a profession as it does not meet the 4 criteria of a true profession), and an educational system that is largely directed by tenured, radical academics, who are driven by harmful ideology, is it surprising that so many people are unable to discern the truth on so many issues?  So many folks are incapable of critical and independent thinking as they are daily bombarded with misinformation and disinformation.  Yet, this is considered “progress” by the progressives.  What a sorry, sad situation society is in today.  The sheeping of America is nearly complete (as the rock star, Ted Nugent opined in one of his books).  We must also note the worsening and aggressive censorship on so many platforms online, as well as on Amazon and other retail outlets for articles, essays, books, videos, and audio recordings which dare to question and/or debunk the currently prevalent Leftist paradigm.  Not just free speech is being threatened and restricted, but free thought and open inquiry as well.

parting thoughts

Freedom is a state of mind.  I know now why the caged bird sings.  We cannot put this into words, but a person’s very own life experiences can be quite helpful in achieving a better understanding.  Quiet introspection and reflection are needed.  As well, sudden inspirations can take hold of one’s self,  A zen flash, if you prefer, a brief satori like moment can happen at any time and in any place.

The righteous (principled, moral) warrior fights not out of hate of/for “the other”, but out of love for those for whom he is fighting.  Today, the battlefield is often on the ideological plane.  It is a struggle for men’s and women’s minds and hearts.  And, in the coming years, in the near future, the battles will no doubt intensify.

Our feature image is from the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, CA.



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    1. Don’t hate yourself, my friend.

      I am under heavy stress now, and may return to blogging, or at least reading other bloggers’ posts several weeks from now.

  1. “The schools today are an ideological plantation. These are not centers of education, where the pupils’ critical thinking skills are developed (the true purpose of education). Rather, indoctrination, not education, is what happens in these schools”…
    It took me 8 consecutive years to find out this simple fact! (1988-1996) What a waste of time and energy. Poor me!

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