would they have called Jesus an “anti-Semite”?


Recall the passage in the New Testament where Jesus turns over the tables of the money changers in the Temple.  Of course, we could consider the theological and the moral lessons of that account.  The first lesson is that we are to respect the sacred spaces, and keep the profane and worldly activities away from the sacred and the spiritual rites and places.  In other words, do not mix the sacred and the profane.  The second lesson is that we ought not have false gods.  The money changers  (likely usurers, early bankers) were trespassing in God’s house with their material trade.  Money and commercial transactions in the Temple informed others what was uppermost in the minds and hearts of the money changers.

But, for His actions in the Temple, would today’s Jews charge Jesus with the “anti-Semite” tag?

Likely so.  He was, after all, condemning the actions of some Jews*.

Think on that, if you self-identify as a Christian.

contemporary religious errors

I would not so humbly point out to Christians (both Protestant and Catholic) that the Jews of today (the vast majority that is, who are atheist, or who are Talmudists) are no friends to Christianity.  The Protestant error is the nonsense – invented in England and then transplanted to New England in colonial days a few hundred years ago – of Christian Zionism.  As well, currently there is the error in both Protestant and some Catholic circles that Jesus’ new and everlasting covenant did not apply to the Jews, but only to the gentiles.  The idea of the “Chosen people” has been taken to rather grotesque extremes in some Protestant denominations these days.  The Catholic error is that of recent popes (such as John Paul II) asserting that the Jews “are our elder brothers in the faith”.  Not so.  Christianity did not grow out of, or develop out of what modern Judaism is.  Modern Judaism is Talmudism, modern day Pharisaism.  And, of course, the Askenazem, or Eastern Jews of today (from Russia and Poland) are not descended from the ancient Israelites.

*We have already addressed how the charge of “anti-Semtism” is used today in the Western world.  Thus, we will not repeat here the work of earlier posts.  In brief, it is mainly used to silence or stifle any and all criticism of Jews and of Israel.

holocaust trump card

The “trump” card (and, yes, President Trump behaves as though he is an Israeli national asset) is, of course, the holocaust card.   Invoking the holocaust legitimates the existence of Israel, and serves to indict anyone who dares to point out Jewish villainy anywhere in the world, or who criticizes the actions of Israel or of Jews.  Period, end of story.  But, is it the end?

The holocaust cannot be questioned without provoking the wrath of the Jewish interests.  Recall to mind the modern cyber mass book burning on Amazon of hundreds of titles in March, 2017.  In fact, the official story cannot be publicly questioned in many European countries and in Canada as a matter of law.  Yet, for those who have researched the topic (chemists, engineers among others), the official holocaust tale (with the homicidal gas chambers, and the critical 6 MILLION figure), cannot withstand forensic scrutiny.

When the holocaust story was propagated after World War II ended in Europe, at first to distract the world’s attention away from the heinous Allied atrocities and brutal, murderous occupation policies against the German civilian population, the Jews saw an opportunity to attach culpability not just to Hitler and the Germans, but to Christian civilization.  Thus, not only did West Germany pay several tens of billions of dollars in “reparations” to Israel and to Jews worldwide, but all Christians have been tagged with collective guilt for this so-called holocaust for the past several decades.

It appears to many of us now that the real holocaust was what in fact was done to the German people by the Allies, both during and after war in Europe.  The principal culprits were Churchill, Arthur “Bomber” Harris, Franklin Roosevelt, General Eisenhower (who ordered disarmed German POWs starved to death in his camps along the Rhine River), Stalin and Ilya Ehrenberg (Stalin’s propagandist for the Red Army, who exhorted the Red Army soldiers to rape all German women and girls they came across.  Bet you did not see any mention of this in your history text books extolling the virtuous, brave and noble Allies.  Mass rapes of millions of women and girls were not deemed noteworthy by the Jewish text book publishers in the US.)

on censorship in the blogosphere

There are many more “fallen flag” blogs each and every day now.  Blogs are being shut down and de-platformed each day with the generic, and rather insipid explanation that these have violated such and such provider’s guidelines or standards.  Rarely are any specifics given.  These purges of blogs are like summary executions as these are done quite arbitrarily, and do not allow for due process or for appeals.

Free speech is not free, and is endangered now.

Calling for open inquiry and providing objective critique of any group (social, religious, ethnic, racial, sexual, etc.) is not motivated by hate.  Seeking the truth about controversial historical topics is not by de fault motivated by hate.  As the saying goes, “the truth is hate for those who hate the truth”.

closing comment

As we are going to be dropping out of sight for some time, the “like” button and comments are turned off for this post.

We are quite weary in our attempts to educate the uninformed and misinformed public.  The ignorance and the insanity is widespread among the populace now, and the future looks bleak.  Pity the young people in the Western world for what they will have to endure in the coming decades – a future primitive.  A future that is less free, less safe, less prosperous, and is less filled with hope.

This blog served as a journal for many of our thoughts these past 7 years.  Perhaps it has helped some people, perhaps not.  We go now to build a life for ourselves after blogging, and we are quite sure that there is life, a richly varied and satisfying life after blogging.

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