politically incorrect links you might have missed

We consciously choose to touch the electrified 3rd rail of taboo topics with these links which may cause (at least) some readers to think.  Let us think now and then, and not let our brains become ossified.  We may become uncomfortable, but that can be endured in our continuing search for truth.

As the Jews are very influential (to put it mildly) throughout the Western world, we offer these links that address some of their behavior and give thought provoking analysis.

A critical look at today’s Israel:

Israel’s Culture of Killing


On Jewish guilt, we link to this essay from Aletho News:

click:  A Window into Jewish Guilt


From the think tank, Andrean Studies, we share a link to her (Andrea’s) survey or quiz on the critical and increasingly undeniable Jewish role in the decline of Western nations today.  (Reader discretion is advised for this linked post due to a few instances of bad language.)  Try the multiple choice quiz and see how well you score on your knowledge of the causes of today’s societal and family decline, and see if you can identify who are the real and active enemies of our true freedoms.


a quiz for all people to identify the evil supremacism that rules the West and is ruining the world

That ought to be sufficient to stimulate the synapses.  Enjoy.

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