Don’t Surrender Your Kids To A Screen-Shaped World

Here is an insightful and helpful read for parents.

Doug Smith

Why do we accept the dominant narrative that our kids live in a different world?

An October 2019 article by Julie Jargon in the Wall Street Journal claims to help parents better understand their other-worldly teens. It’s called: “Teens Explain Their YouTube Obsession (Because Adults Don’t Get It)”. The embedded video says: “Teens Explain YouTube (So Listen Up, Grown Ups)”.

Like so many articles today, this one suggests that we are like the dumb parents in movies where their much smarter kids have to rescue them. We’re clueless, right? But, thankfully, we have the Wall Street Journal here to help us understand our kids. Whew!

And why don’t we understand them? Because, as Jargon says, this is “a generation of kids that has been raised on YouTube.

One high school girl uses YouTube to go to sleep. She likes “the info-graphic show” because it has…

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