4 Feminist Lies That Are Making Women Miserable

Here is an incisive post from another blog.  Of course, if women have been lied to, the obvious question arise: Why do women so easily fall prey to these lies?  We need to do a better job in the Western world of raising our daughters.

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(source) Suzanne Venker writes: Twenty years ago, I wrote my first book about why women can’t “have it all,” or at least all at once, despite what the culture tells them.

At the time, the so-called Mommy Wars were raging. Women everywhere who’d been sold a bill of goods by their feminist mothers and mentors were either lamenting the futility of being able to successfully work full-time outside the home while maintaining a healthy marriage and family life, or they were defending their choice to work full-time by insisting children do fine in round-the-clock substitute care.

Since then, the messages to women about how to have a happy life—as it relates to love and sex, work and family—have merely served to make women miserable. Not only are theyunhappier than their mothers and grandmothers ever were, they’re significantly morestressed out; much more so than men.

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  1. Women aren’t the only ones who have been hurt by the rise of feminism! Plenty of men have as well. I know from personal experience!

  2. Feminism is a Jewish trick to wreck Western civilization. Most of the early feminist leaders were Jewish.

    First it was about giving women the right to vote. They voted for Big Government.

    Then it was about getting women into corporate jobs. Families used to be effectively “unionized” against Big Business. Women (and immigrants, outsourcing and automation) drove down wages. Now it’s hard to support a family on a single income, so even the women who want to be housewives find that they have to work. Furthermore, there is a dysgenic effect because the smartest women are the most likely to catlady themselves due to focusing on career, or due to the fact that women will not marry someone they believe is below their station.

    Then it was about sexual liberation and abortion. This further reduced fertility rates, and also encouraged women to rack up so many partners that they lost their ability to pair bond.

    Then it was about divorce, alimony, child custody etc. which became so one-sided that men with decent cash (usually the highest quality men) became reluctant to get married. Single moms proliferated. They raised an entire
    generation of useless commies: The millenials.

    Then it was about benefits for single moms. Why wait for a guy with money, when you can just cuck him via the welfare state? Women started having more babies with scumbags, thugs and losers. These r-selected vermin naturally give women more tingles than the responsible men who keep civilization going. The welfare state became a selective breeding program for the dregs of society.

    Then there was a paradoxical alliance with Muslims, which would seem to be enemies of feminists. But in women, the vast processing power of the cerebral cortex is dedicated to coming up with elaborate justifications for doing what the puny little lizard brain wants. The whole “refugees welcome” thing is driven by feminist rape fantasies. Feminism is a giant Shit Test which white men have collectively failed, therefore feminists want to replace us with a REAL patriarchal rape culture. Civilization and national IQ be damned.

    Then it was about women being able to ruin any man’s life with false accusations. Men (especially white men) cannot be trusted to manage civilization when the capstone World Government is put into place. The Jews need middle managers who are selfish and easy to manipulate.

    I suppose the good thing about all this is that when civilization collapses, feminism will die very quickly. The tears will be delicious.

    TL;DR Islam is right about women.

    1. There are very serious fears now about a terrible financial collapse on its way in the next 5 years. With all these phony asset bubbles, caused by the corrupt and fraudulent Federal Reserve, it will be a mess and a very dangerous and scary time to live through. Single mothers without a man in the household will be especially vulnerable when society collapses. It is very sad.

      Fuck feminism, which was pushed on us by the fucking Jews.

  3. Women have been given the responsibility of determining whether there will be a next generation and what they will be like. But women (and Jews) will turn us into monkeys if given half a chance. We’re not evolving, we’re devolving. Anyone who doubts this should visit California. Watch out for poo-flinging homeless people.

    1. So true. We recently escaped from the painfully paradoxical, progressive paradise of San Francisco. We hope the damage to our psyches is only temporary.

      Yes. women have a tremendous responsibility, but they are shirking it due to the feminist lies peddled by the Jewesses from the 1960s forward.

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