Mummy Mountain (Spring Mountains)

For hikers and people who love the outdoors and nature, here is a good post with many great photos. Enjoy, and get outside and hike once in a while.

Hiking the World

A partly off-track hike and scramble to Mummy Mountain (3,515m / 11,533 ft), the second highest mountain in the Spring Mountains. Sweeping views from the summit.

Mummy Mountain is the second highest peak of the Spring Mountains in Nevada, taking its name from the resemblance when viewed from the east to an Egyptian mummy (personally, I can’t really see this). Multiple documented (but unposted) hikes take you he various points of the elongated mountain: the highest point is actually the “tummy”.

MummyMountain Source:

I’m up and on the trail early, as I have a late afternoon flight to catch. As I’m staying locally at the Mt Charleston Cabins, it’s only a few minutes drive back down the road to the Trail Canyon trailhead. The sun has just started to rise, reflecting off the top of Mummy Mountain in the distance as I set of, up the Trail Canyon…

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