Texas Canyon rest area

We traveled by car with our cat to our new home (from Sunday, 29 Sept. until 3 October, 2019).

This first image is of our cat on the bed in a pet-friendly motel along the way.



We came upon a rest area on Interstate 10 in southeastern Arizona on Tuesday, October 1.  It was called Texas Canyon, although it is in Arizona.  The many rocks along the sides of the highway made us interested to stop and see more of this scenery.



There were many piles of rocks along the highway as we approached the rest area, and more piles once in the rest area.



Here is another view of some large rocks.



This was a shady spot where we could eat our simple lunch and take a break from the driving.



We brought Yoyo, our pet house cat, along to keep him from the heat in the parked car.



The next three photos give some idea of the size of the large rock seen in the center of the pics.



As we walk closer under a blue sky, the rock appears larger.  Note the stone table in the foreground to give some perspective.



That is a big boulder.



At one point, I did open the cat’s carrier, and gave him an opportunity to get out and stretch his legs, but he was too frightened by the new surroundings and stayed inside.



The area for big trucks was behind and above us.  These remaining images show this area.



Blue sky, rocks and large trucks.



A different angle here.



Our parting shot is next.

Upon arriving in central Texas at our new home, Yoyo has had enough of auto traveling.



copyright 2019 – larrysmusings.com

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