The cruel fate of Palestinian Christians under Israeli occupation

Here is a link to a current post that tells of the sad fate of the once thriving Christian communities of Palestine.

Click:  last requiem for Palestine’s Christians

Definitely worth reading and thinking on.  Do you still agree with those American “Christians” who fully support and back Israel and the Jews in all matters (without question, without hesitation, and without reservation)?

More thought provoking posts:

We have all heard of so-called “white privilege”, but what of Jewish privilege?

Jewish privilege

An interesting and revealing post on the thinking and agenda of Bernie Sanders:

The Jewish Progressive Agenda According to Bernie Sanders

This next post is written, I believe, by a Jewish author.  It is very dangerous and costly for a Jew to be critical of the collective actions of the Jews.  This article, although long, is definitely worth investing the time in to read as it addresses many important issues.  (Christian Zionists may not be comfortable with it as some of their most cherished beliefs would be seriously challenged.)

a holocaust of Biblical proportions – Jewish blood for Zion

end of post


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  2. Cut the bullshit! It was Palestinians who were stabbing Israelis, bombing them, running over them with cars as John Kerry called for Palestinians and Israelis to stop violence yet back in the Clinton White House Yassar Arafat was told by President Bill Clinton he could have any option he wanted! What did he do? Even when the US saved him from being cornered by the Israeli Army that negotiations were ready! Arafat chose to nullify the agreements! Why? he didn’t want to lose power or relevance like most terrorist leaders! Why after HAMAS fires rockets into Israel do you fault the Jewish State for defending themselves against unprovoked attacks? Get off the bullshit bus, PAL!

  3. Provocative post for which I convey thanks, although I most admire more-measured, while equally passionate and on-point, Christian pleas for justice of the quality of Kairos Palestine and the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center, whose founder and director emeritus Anglican Canon Naim Stifan Ateek I have met twice (2003, 2010) right here in tiny Hawaii, USA. I have on my bookshelf his seminal 1988 “Justice and Only Justice.” [If advancing age hasn’t intervened, Archbishop Desmond Tutu continues to be Sabeel’s International Patron (I also saw and heard that eminently holy person at St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Honolulu, several years ago).]

    I opened the links to and read Gilad Atzmon on Sanders and the (endlessly prolific?!–all her posts gave me a major headache!) wide-ranging Andrea Daley. Gilad is a great thinker and humanist — ergo, he is must-needs an anti-Zionist.

    docvega, you soil — as in excrement — this page and this Comments space. Out, damned spot! — a spot unable even to focus on the subject of the post. For shame, sirrah! (but surely, manifestly, you have no shame…).

  4. Conservative Protestants have been brainwashed by the Scofield Bible, a.k.a. the Gospel of Rothschild. It’s KJV but the footnotes are all pilpul pushing a bait-and-switch in which spiritual Israel becomes material Israel. The goal was to get Christians to support Israel without question and even die fighting Israel’s wars… including the battle of Armageddon. Many evangelicals will fight on the antichrist’s side!

    Beware of Jews selling something below cost.

    1. Last night, there was a commercial on late night TV asking for (soliciting) donations (financial ones) to help hungry holocaust survivors in the Ukraine. Not surprisingly, this was put out by the group, The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. But, hey, why do we have to give to help elderly Jews who lived through a fake holocaust? Consider, the Jews are by far the wealthiest people on the Earth. They can help their own kind without any dollars from foolish and misguided Christians. But, the Jews live by the maxim “never pay for anything that the stupid Goyim can be tricked into paying for”.

  5. Thanks, morpheus (also larry!), for your interesting comment — esp. “spiritual…material Israel.” I don’t know much theology (aside from what I perhaps arrogantly term myself: a “Jesus-Christ Christian” awed by His holy words at Matt. 11:28-30), but I’ve read that the OT “spiritual” Zionism, a not unworthy aspiration, has been corrupted into secular “militant/political Zionism” and has IMO assumed full-on psychotic dimensions. Yes, the hordes of “Christian” Zionists, led by the, shall we say, portly “Rev.” John Hagee, eat it up.

  6. The oppression and murder of Palestinians by the chosen ones is happening every single day, yet we hear zilch about it from the media. Ask your self how these same ,bastards can get away with this sort of behavior and yet squeal about the so called holocaust. Every time jews have experienced a backlash against them, it has always been provoked..I cant wait for the day that the occupation called Israel does up in smoke. Pingback: Last Requiem for Palestine s Christians, and Jewish Privilege. CanadianWildflower

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