Thursday thoughts as winter approaches

We come into this world through the birth canal, or by “C-section” alone.  As well, no matter if we are “groupies” all our lives, when we die, we die alone.  Think on that.  Even if we die in a mass killing event, we die as individuals.  No one goes with us into the beyond, we go alone.  We pass through transition by ourselves sans company.  Fame and fortune, what are they, but temporary (ephemeral) phenomena.  Death is the great equalizer.

As to suffering, a constant for living creatures in this world, I never did find a satisfying explanation for it.  It seems to me that the various religions ultimately all come back to blaming the victim for his suffering.

In some forms of Hinduism, it is thought that the spiritual spark returns at death to the undifferentiated, impersonal aspect of God, the Source of all Being.  This seems to address both death and suffering if we consider that poor animals suffer and die.  That animating life force that is in animals comes from God’s energy and returns back to God when the animal dies.  An interesting thought, but very foreign to Western thinking and belief systems.  (The suffering of animals, especially that caused by the actions of man, is quite sad.)

Yes, we humans, at least most of us, need the structure and discipline that organized religion provides.  Yet, with organized religions we always get abuses of authority with priestcraft.  Some in priestcraft (regardless of title: rabbi, priest, minister, reverend, pastor, imam, Brahmin, etc.) forget that they are, at best, intermediaries between the Divine and us mere mortals, and begin to think or believe that they are in charge of God, or that He must be like what the priests think (or require) that He should be like.

On this blog, on a number of occasions, I have counseled that people need to govern their religious fervor with reason, or risk degenerating into fanaticism.

other and sundry thoughts

To solve our storage needs in the garage, we caught a good online sale back on the weekend that started with so-called Black Friday and ended with Cyber Monday.  We bought some storage racks and shelving units to clear floor space in our garage.  Delivered yesterday, we put together the largest unit last evening.

Here a few images of the heavy duty storage rack.  In this first view, we see the four shelf rack frame ready for the shelves to be put in.  2 persons are needed for the assembly process up to this point.  The lighting in the garage is creating a little distortion in this image as I do not think that the garage floor is sloped very much.  This unit is 77 inches wide by 24 inches deep and 72 inches (6 feet) high or tall.



In this next image, we see the unit with the shelves in place.  Do not be fooled.  Each shelf can bear hundreds of pounds of weight if evenly distributed.  Regrettably, there were some slight imperfections in the manufacture of the unit, but these are more cosmetic in nature and do not detract from its strength or functionality.



The major brand (for this type of product) that you find in Home Depot is Husky.  But, a competing brand that we purchased from (online) is Gladiator (part of Whirlpool Corporation).



Here is a noteworthy link to a recent post by another blogger:

Please write to EPA to ban “cyanide bombs”

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