views from the air of the US Southwest

Taken through the airplane window, these pics are from a recent flight from San Francisco to Austin, Texas.  This first image is of clouds from above.



More clouds as seen from above.



A final look at fluffy clouds floating below the airplane.



Free of the clouds, we can peer down to see the land forms below.  Snow capped mountains and a desert beyond are seen here.



Another view.



In this next view, we can see more of the deep blue sky of the upper atmosphere.



Rugged and rocky desert is seen here.



The Canyonlands area of eastern Utah is seen in this next shot.



This next view is an aerial view of Albuquerque, New Mexico.



It is not clear if these muddy holes or ponds seen below are natural or the product of human activity.



This final view is intriguing.  These lines are man made, but we are not sure what these are.  Interesting, what can be seen while in flight if one looks out the window.



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