Saturday synapses on the solstice

Humility is an indication of character strength, not weakness.  Many years ago, a foreign student in an undergraduate course at university opined that Americans suffer from ego inflation. The year was 1979, and at the time I did not think very much about this person’s remark.  But, in the succeeding 40 years, from what I have observed, I think it is rather true.  We Americans need more humility.  We need to move away from egotism and arrogance, and reject living self-absorbed lives.

Here is another thought.  We all have heard the quote that goes something like this:  All that evil needs to triumph is for good men (and good women) to do nothing.  Yet, apathy and ambivalence are not virtues.  My query is this:  If so-called good men and women do nothing to combat the terrible moral evils and social ills of our decadent society, can they really be called “good” persons?  Just some food for thought.

other totally unrelated items

Greetings to readers on 5 continents from GMT minus 6 hours in central America del Norte.

Before getting to these other unrelated items, here is a link to a good instrumental song that I first heard on the radio back in 1981.  If you think that the music was better back in the 1970s and 1980s, you are quite correct.  The music of that time period was better by pretty much any measure.

Primavera, by Jack McDuff (worth listening to once in your life; primavera is Spanish for Spring time).  This is a rather enchanting song that grows on you.



We fired up our outdoor lights early this evening as it is the (boreal) winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.  Neither the latest sunrise nor the earliest sunset, but it is the day with the least amount of hours, minutes and seconds of daylight in the year.  The solstices are inflection points in the tilt of the Earth’s axis.

Here are the images.  These bulbs are not the deeply saturated purple we desired (that we cannot find), but these still give a nice effect.



Here is another view of the front facade of our home.



Another shot from a slightly different angle.



A final look.



We braved a department store this afternoon, and found a nice little toy cat on sale.  Here are some images of it.



Another shot of the body of the cat.  We wonder how our house cat will react to this toy cat.



This is one of the products sold by this company, which has a history going back more than 150 years.



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