How the Pill Affects Pubescent Girls

Here is an informative post from another blog for parents of teenage daughters.   Let us not send the wrong message to our daughters.   As well, let us protect young girls from harm, both physical and emotional.

We oppose the drugging of children with powerful hormones and pharmaceuticals, be it for birth control, or for behavioral control (as with Ritalin and other powerful prescription drugs).  Long term harm to developing children is occurring, and this needs to stop.

Σ Frame

This post reviews some scientific literature on oral/hormonal contraceptives which have shown frightening, and possibly permanent consequences to the emotional constitution of adolescent females on the Pill.

Readership: All; Parents of adolescent daughters; Women who use birth control pills; Men interested in vetting a woman for a relationship;

A previous post on Σ Frame, How the Pill Changes the Brain and Emotions (2019 October 28), covered how Oral/Hormonal Contraceptive (HOC) medication (AKA birth control pills) dulls the emotional constitution of women on the pill, among other things.  But the effects of the Pill are not at all consistent across age.  Younger women face the most risk when taking HOC’s, and the risks decrease with age.

This is somewhat understandable, since both HOC’s and puberty involves drastic changes in hormone levels.  The main steroid hormones, testosterone, estradiol, and progesterone as well as prolactin play important physiological functions, both in puberty, and…

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