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Could there be a surprise dump from Wikileaks if and when poor Julian Assange is extradited to the US?  Might such a leak from Wikileaks expose some very vile players in the US intelligence communities?   From north Queensland, Australia, we see this reprinted article on who stands to lose from such a dump:

Wikileaks will do a huge surprise data dump when Assange is extradited to US

This next post from another blogger is an interesting read and touches on feminism and the nature of men and women.

Belle, the Beast, and Nietzsche’s Gaston

This 3rd of three links today exposes the insanity of the reckless US policies that seek to provoke Russian and China to possible military conflicts in the future.  (We add here that a person cannot correctly grasp the situation in the world these past several decades without a correct understanding of World War II.  Yet, the truth about World War II – its causes, its conduct, and its aftermath – is largely hidden from the public in the Western world as books that bring the truth to light are banned on Amazon and from bookstore shelves.  (Think you know the history of the Second World War?!  What you think you know is largely victors’ propaganda.)  But, I digress.)

From the Peace Pirate’s blog, here is a good read on the dangerous futility of trying to bully the big boys on the block:

you say you want a Russian revolution

our feature image

It looks like an old fashioned kitchen light fixture.  This was used as an outdoor light to provide lighting for the doors of motel rooms in Holbrook, Arizona.  Here is another view of this light mounted on the stucco wall.



And, we include another image from that vacation in September, 2017.



end of post

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