holocaust death toll grows now to 8.6 millions

After more than 70 years have passed since the end of World War II, new “evidence” comes to light that the official death toll of 6 millions of Jews was understated by a full 2.6 millions dead.

We share the link below to a piece covering this news item.  But, we must stop and reflect on this.  Why now does this come to light in 2019?  The story that never dies is again in the news.  With official death tolls at the alleged “death camps” being reduced since the fall of communism nearly 30 years ago, those who promote the holocaust industry or religion need to come up with dramatic new findings to keep the story in the news and public eye.  Readers are encourage to do their own thinking here on this topic.  But, we must ask why is written and published revisionist and forensic research (books and videos) into the holocaust narrative forbidden for sale online (on Amazon) and in most bookstores?  Why can we not have open inquiry and open debate on this subject.  Just food for thought.


2.6 Million New 'Holocaust Victims' Found in Russia, Making a Total of 8.6 Million Jews Exterminated


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  1. Even if there was some jewish holocaust via work camps, so what? The jews defecated on the floor, refusing to use
    the latrines per General Patton. There’s your typhus epidemic. There are plenty of barbaric holocausts that are
    ignored, i.e. Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Palestine and all over the ME except for Israel.

    1. This is the point I, and others, have made: Why the exclusivity, or specialness of Jewish suffering? It is in the Talmud that the rest of us, that is non-Jews do not count. And, there have been many atrocities, some continuing today, as in Tibet. But, there was Armenia, Cambodia, Rwanda in addition to the specific ones you list above.

    1. For those who do want to do their own research, as in reading the forensic and documentary research of others, it is quite difficult. Amazon cyber burned hundreds of titles in early 2017, and YouTube has taken down many well made documentaries exposing the truth. Yet, a few independent booksellers remain that sell the works of revisionists.

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  3. You know that number keeps changing. There is proof that the “Jewish” population grew above 15 million in 1948, then the number change to 6 million now we have 8.9 million. This is why there is speculation that the holocaust never happen or didn’t go down as badly as we thought. Funny how they continually want to be remember and force Germany to pay for event that may or may not go down. Yet concerns of Arab slave and transatlantic slave towards blacks and Indians/Hispanics (they only endure transatlantic) people want to sweep that under the rug, ignore, and never want to provide recuperation for them their death roll was over 100 million and proven to real not continual number fixing.

  4. There is record proof in various of documents, books, and journals during those times. The “Jewish” people were never enslave and bondage like they claim to be. However history proves that the Israelites on the other hand were and still remain to this day. As the curses of Deuteronomy 28 is meant to be ensign to them to identify themselves in these last days.

    1. You lost me on that latest comment.

      There is not much archaeological evidence to support much of the Old Testament. Jewish slaves did not build the pyramids of ancient Egypt. In fact, there is no record in Egyptian tablets of the time to indicate that Jews were ever enslaved in Egypt at all. The so-called Exodus was from Ethiopia across the southern end of the Red Sea to Yemen, at least that is what some researchers theorize. Jewish claims must be taken with skepticism, then and now.

      1. Because Egyptian who really should be called Misraim were dark skin. You are looking for some pale boys but their writings only shows dark skin people. Ancient Israelites wasn’t white but black.

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