international 5G protest – January 25

Make no mistake!  To date, there have been no credible long term studies on the health effects of so-called 5G wireless transmissions on animal (including human) life, and on plant life.  The headlong rush for corporate profits and the desire of the masses for instant hand held device gratification are driving this health threat that will affect all of us, even those who do not wish to use the 5G devices.  All life on the planet will be test subjects:  the bees, the birds, the mammals, the plants and trees, etc.  Our entire world will be microwaved 24/7/365.

Visit this site, and feel free to do your own internet based research on this serious health and environmental issue.  Get involved, and stay involved, and yes, that takes some effort.

Stop 5G International

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  1. 5G is a threat to our health and is a major tool of the global elite to take total control of humanity. Some of the people who have done important work in exposing the danger of 5G include:

    Dr. Catherine Houghton
    Kevin Mottus
    Deborah Tavares
    Josh Del Sol Beaulieu
    David Icke
    Mark Steele
    Dr. Barrie Trower
    Mike Adams

    1. Yes, the field studies are going on on human subjects who have consented, in effect, by not objecting to this insanity. Thanks for stopping by.

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