Decade in review: Marital norms erode

Somehow me thinks that this will not end well in the decadent, demoralized Western world.

The traditional family has been under constant attack now for many years. Since the nuclear family is the basic social unit of society, its demise will not (unsurprisingly) have disastrous consequences for society as a whole. But, of course, those who attack the family and natural laws either do not care about larger consequences, or they do so on purpose as they wish to harm society. Food for thought.

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(source) A decade ago, President Barack Obama affirmed that marriage unites a man and woman. So did 45 states and the federal government. The only states to redefine marriage had done so through activist court rulings or, in 2009, legislative action. At the ballot box, citizens had uniformly voted against redefinition. A majority agreed with Obama.


Then, in 2012, Obama “evolved,” and the Supreme Court took cases involving marriage law. Nothing in the Constitution answered the actual question at hand: What is marriage? The court should have left the issue to the people. Butin 2013, it struck down the federal definition of marriage as a male-female union in a 5-4 ruling.


The court alsopunted on a challengeto a state definition of marriage adopted in a 2008 constitutional referendum by which a majority of Californians — yes, Californians — overturned an activist court.Only in 2015 did the Supreme Court, breaking 5-4…

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