thoughts on Virginia gun rights protests

It seems that the state government in Virginia (the state that gave us George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, among others) feels emboldened to pass ever more restrictive gun control laws that may lead to eventual confiscation of guns from law-abiding citizens.

My first reaction is that this is overreach, but we ought not be surprised by this move.  We have been losing freedom and have seen our rights being eroded by government overreach for a long time now, especially since the events of September 11, 2001.  And, no, it is not patriotic to mindlessly surrender your true rights (as enumerated in the Bill of Rights) to any government, be it national, provincial or state, or local.  There is no such thing as benign or benevolent government.  Do not believe the “progressive” nonsense that government is your friend and can solve all human problems.  (Welcome to the high tech surveillance state, dear readers.  Everything you do on your I-phone can be monitored by the government.)

Hopefully, the various pro 2nd Amendment protests, marches and demonstrations that are scheduled to take place in Virginia on 20 January will all go off peacefully.  However, the presence of thuggish Antifa punks may lead to violence, sorry to say.

We are at a time and place in our society where civil disobedience is called for on the part of concerned and responsible citizens.  (Martin Luther King advocated both non-violence and civil disobedience when countering injustices and abuses in society.)  Let us be aware of the real reason why the 2nd Amendment was put into the Bill of Rights.  The founders and framers did not want the central government to have a monopoly on the means of force as that might allow government tyranny to take hold in the country.  The 1st Amendment allows citizens to give voice to criticism of the government, and the 2nd Amendment allows, if necessary, for the citizenry to overthrow an abusive government.  Remember, the founders and framers had just lived through a revolution to get rid of a tyrannical and abusive government.  The ultimate recourse or redress is armed overthrow of a criminally oppressive government.

From that, it follows that we who are concerned with preserving our true rights ought to work to defend the 2nd Amendment.  And, do not be fooled by believing that confiscating guns from law-abiding citizens is going to significantly reduce or eliminate mass shootings.  There is an illegal “black” market in guns in this country just as there is such an illegal market for dangerous drugs.  A determined individual, even one who is a convicted felon, can get guns.  Disarming the citizenry will only serve to make them more vulnerable to violent criminals, and an out of control, corrupt government.  (Be aware that guns are used to deter and prevent crimes each and every day by law-abiding citizens who scare off criminals by showing their guns.  You won’t see the mainstream news media ever covering that.  Police almost always arrive on scene after violent crimes have been committed.)

(As to these mass shootings, it appears that the majority of the incidents that make the national news are committed by young males under the age of 25.  Rather than emotionally charge into passing sweeping (and not well thought out) laws to restrict our right to own guns, why not pass legislation, after proper public debate, to make it more difficult for young adult males to obtain semi-automatic rifles and hand guns?  There are many measures that would help in that area, such as longer waiting periods to purchase, and no online or out of state purchases.  But, as noted above, for those determined to do harm, that may not be effective.  The very least that ought to be done is take down these silly “gun free zone” signs as these only invite the cowardly shooters to target various locales advertising that no one has a gun with which to stop them!  And, we wonder if these so-called “anti-psychotic” pharmaceutical drugs that some of these shooters are using are not, in fact, aggravating their underlying mental illnesses.)



In California, the “progressive” state government has made it very difficult for state residents to purchase ammunition for their guns.  Thus, so far, California has not pursued out right gun confiscation.  But, consider the effect of its current approach.  You can own a gun (or guns plural) in the state, but obtaining ammo is being made very difficult and onerous.  It is like saying to the public you can own cars and trucks, but you will find it quite difficult to purchase fuel for them.  A gun without ammunition, or a car without gasoline is not of much use.

What will I be doing in the coming months on this topic?  One thing for sure that I will do is to buy a good semi-automatic rifle.  No one can say for certain if we will be able to buy such guns after the next federal election cycle.  And, I will buy a few boxes of ammunition to go along with the gun.  Then, I ought to go out to a local gun range and become proficient with the use of the particular gun.  We own other guns, but this is at least something I can do rather easily and it can be my way of saying to the gun grabbers, “No way.”  (Fortunately, I now reside in a state where law-abiding citizens can easily buy guns and ammo for them.  Pity the folks in those northeastern states and in the west coast states where gun rights have been attacked and eroded for decades.)

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  1. “If we just show up and be respectful, we will show those tyrants!” – every retard boomer at the rally. And then we will wonder why freedom died.

    Conservatives will kill themselves before they ever take action to advance liberty.

      1. They want cops and the national guard to fight for them.

        That’s why they lick the boots of a few deputies who show up and say what they say.

        They don’t want to step out there and encourage personal responsibility. They want Jordan Peterson to.

        They don’t want to fight for their rights. They want tyrants to remember stupid oaths about pieces of paper and to leave them alone. And they want the enforcement arm of government to ignore bad laws so they don’t have to miss the big game and protest instead.

        They forget history. The Magna Carta wasn’t implemented once. It was signed at the threat of death. The barons went home. The king then ignored it. Rinse repeat.

        The lesson is: either kill the tyrant, or remain vigilant and an active threat.

        Modern gun groups are a threat to no one. They are a joke. They are run by attorneys and lobbyists who make money filing lawsuits that don’t matter.

        (If you argue it’s a god given right that transcends the constitution, then let courts rule against it, and then let the tyrants die in Mussolini fashion).

    1. Yeah, the cowardly antifa punks dared not show up to face armed men. I hope I live to see these miserable punks get their collective asses kicked inside out. It is like Weimar Germany in the 1920s all over again.

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