Kittens, of course

We wanted to share these endearing pics of cute kittens. Enjoy.

Adventures in Cat Fostering

These kittens have been … slow. They were slow to leave the nest, slow to play. They still just play with each other, not any of the toys. Last night I finally saw BIG progress. I was in, lying on the floor, taking photos. Bishop was sitting beside me. On impulse I put some of Ripley’s leftover dinner on my finger and held it out to him. He nearly chomped my finger off! He loved it. I tried some with Hicks and, though he was playing, he ate it too. Tonight we try a meal.

Later Newt was wandering around and crying “that cry”. Those of you who’ve had kittens will know it. The something-weird-is-happening-to-me-and-I’m-not-sure-what-it-is cry. I grabbed him and put him in the new, shallow, litter I’d just put out for them. He walked away … and peed on the floor!

Again, those of you familiar with kittens won’t…

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