child sex slavery: a nation’s priorities

Child prostitution and sexual slavery is out of control here in the US.  It is a worldwide problem, really a crisis that continues day after day.  The situation demands a comprehensive societal response including forceful government action to reduce both the supply of children used for prostitution and the demand for child prostitutes.  Both the supply side and the demand side of the equation need to be addressed.

When a man pays for the “services” of a child prostitute (underage victim) or of a woman who has been forced into prostitution, it is correctly called rape.  The man cannot claim “consenting adults”, or that this is just a business transaction.  We cannot sugar coat the ugly and painful reality here.  There must be heavy prison time for these rapists when apprehended and prosecuted in the criminal courts.

We, in the US, spend hundreds of billions of dollars each and every year on defense (many times, it is actually used on offense).  This is allegedly needed to protect the citizenry from actual and potential foreign enemies determined to hurt and kill us.  With the epidemic of child prostitution and sexual slavery here in the US, we have actual assaults and attacks on the lives of our children.  These victims are not all from south of the border or from Asia, and here illegally.  Hundreds of thousands of US citizens, albeit under age (not adults), are forced into sexual slavery and their lives are turned into living hell.

This crisis is being largely ignored by the government (certainly at the federal level) and by the inept, corrupt mainstream media.  What ever comes of the rare hearing about this crisis on Capitol Hill?

Not much.

The victims must be rescued and attempts must be made to help them regain their health and dignity.  The human cost involved is truly mind boggling.  The continuing injustice of this epidemic of child rape cries out to Heaven for justice.  This is a major battle field in the war against children here in the US.

Not wanting to reblog a very disturbing post to readers’ inboxes, I chose to provide a link to a very informative, yet very disturbing and painful article on this topic.

We as Americans need to quickly reassess our national priorities and put some serious effort and actions to end this sex trafficking and child prostitution in our society.

Here is the link to a heartbreaking post about a crisis that more concerned citizens need to be aware of:

After America was fundamentally sexually transformed, child rape has become big business in America.

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  1. Child sex slavery fuels the political blackmail which lubricates the wheels of the shadow government. Nobody can be trusted with high political office unless he’s a proven satan-worshipping pedophile. Not only does it allow for control via blackmail, but it also demonstrates that the politician is psychopathic enough to sell out his own people. It’s a powerful career move.

    Epstein didn’t kill himself. Mossad broke him out of jail. The guy we saw on the stretcher was a body double. The real Epstein is enjoying his retirement in a grotto somewhere in Israel. Epstein is one reason why American politicians always put Israel first, even if it means spending $6 trillion fighting BS wars for them, but we can barely scrape together $5 billion to defend ourselves from an invasion from Guatemala.

    Mossad controlled Epstein but they didn’t pay him. The Rothschilds paid him with counterfeit digital cash, of which they have an infinite supply, and it’s all legal because they own the politicians and the Fed! It’s a very good scam and of course the Rothschilds mean to protect it. Epstein helped them with that.

    Pedophilia makes the world go round.

    1. We have to do something about it in the US. As our title hints at, it is a question of national priorities. But, sadly, the Jews do control America, and that is why we never hear of the plight of the poor Palestinians at the hands of Israel.

      Yes, it would not surprise me at all if Epstein were enjoying an Israeli Club Med type retirement. Israel brings all the poor Slavic girls from Ukraine to Israel so that they can be pressed into prostitution. Very sad.

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