links of interest on 3 Feb 2020

An interesting piece of black and white photography here:

moon over Kolob canyon

From the Golden Rule blog, here is an interesting post on 5th generation of wireless phone technology:

Promotion of 5G Networking in Australia – Thoughts

As the terrible wildfires in Australia continue to rage on (with much loss of wildlife and habitat), we share this link to an informative blog post (from a website in Queensland):

City experts have no idea about bushfires as ‘climate change’ is blamed for the destruction

Many people have forgotten about the plight of the poor Tibetans, but some are taking actions against China.  Here is a recent post from Tibet Truth:

Anonymous Hacking Into Chinese CCTV Cams As ‘Op_Tibet’ Action Builds For Tibetan Independence Day

The Global Affairs Review blog posted this piece yesterday about the possibility of Cambodia becoming a strategic ally of the US in Southeast Asia:

rethinking Cambodia: a new strategic interest

Now, that the worldwide furor over holocaust remembrance day is past, we can look honestly and objectively at the very many real genocides committed in the terrible 20th century.  The ethnic European blog site posted this piece over the weekend:

genocide role (and roll) call of dishonour

The Peace Pirate blog posted this article on the proposed apartheid solution to the problem of Palestine (the apartheid has existed de facto in Palestine for some time, but the current “peace” proposal now will make it a de jure apartheid state):

Trump’s embrace of apartheid was brought to you by the organized Jewish community

From The Tao of Anarchy blog, we see this recent post on assassinations done by Israel as a matter of policy:

Israel Shamir: The Assassins Are Back!

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