Modern Feminism’s Enemy: Womanhood

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Hommunism News

(source) Today’s feminists can’t abide that which makes women inherently different from men.

Women across the West are under attack. Our enemy is not the infamous “patriarchy,” allegedly scheming to undermine us at every turn. Nor is it pregnancy, with its physical discomforts and emotional tribulations. Even children are blameless here, no matter how much their arrival can shift careers or thwart travel plans.

Progressive Feminism’s real hatred is for womanhood itself

No, the culprit is progressive feminism, a movement whose very existence depends on holding women in contempt. Modern-day feminism has succeeded in a spectacular charade, masquerading as a great champion for women while spewing antipathy for men and groaning over the burden of children. But at its core, its real hatred is for womanhood itself.

According to the narrative that has dominated feminist discourse since the 1960s, women are weak until we strike out every feminine…

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