do not let facts and evidence alter or impede the narrative

We in the US have all heard that Americans are exceptional.  With this, we at this blog are forced to agree.  Americans are exceptional in accepting lies and false narratives mostly without any questioning, without any healthy skepticism as long as the narrative is repeated often enough.

(When I reached early adulthood, it was rather a shock to my mental state when it became clear to me over time that much of what I had been told by adults was not true.  It did not matter the source: people on the news, doctors, teachers and professors, religious types, the government spokesmen and women, even my misinformed, but well meaning parents, etc.  It was like someone slapped me upside my head and said “Sorry kid, most of what you were ever taught was just a bunch of bull-shit.”  How was I to feel?)

Let us briefly examine or note some of the many lies that most Americans have accepted without questioning in the past 100 years.

We will set aside the false premises that many Americans believe in that hold that government can solve any and all problems, and that all that is needed to deal with problems in society is to throw money at these.  Not all problems can be solved by simply throwing money at them.  As well, we note only in passing, that the founders and framers never intended that the Supreme Court be permitted to play the role of final arbiter in our society on all matters.  The high court was never to be engaged in social engineering as it clearly is today.  The fact that this is allowed, informs us that the checks and balances in the Constitution are only as good as the moral integrity of the men and women in the other branches of the government.

the lies, the damn lies

In no particular order . . .

The officially accepted version of history of the Second World War.  75 years after the end of the war, Americans still celebrate that they fought the “good” war and defeated the terribly evil Germans and Japanese.  Exaggerated and distorted atrocity propaganda still justifies this view despite the forensic evidence that debunks much of this propaganda.  As well, the proof of evil machinations and nefarious schemes on the part of Allied wartime leaders and of Allied atrocities and war crimes is suppressed.  Do not let inconvenient facts and evidence derail the narrative that has been repeated over and over for three quarters of a century.  Western historiography is corrupt and biased.

The subject of UFOs.  Do I know the truth of this topic?  Do you?  Does anyone?  But, that said, the US government has been guilty of all 3 forms of lying for several decades now on the subject of UFOs (since at least 1947 and Roswell).  (The 3 forms of lying are telling and spreading false statements, suppressing facts, and trafficking in half-truths.)  When one hears of ancient alien theorists complaining that the scientific community ignores evidence that contradicts the accepted scientific and historical view of man’s experience on Earth, we say yes, but an interested citizen sees such behavior on many subjects, not just in the area of UFOs and possible alien encounters.

Childhood vaccines.  We are told that these are safe for our children.  But, there is a paucity of long term studies to support such an assertion.  It is well known to anyone interested enough to do a little research that the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry in the US are incestuous towards each other and that the corrupt FDA does not act in the best interests of public health (as well, consider GMO foods and the increase in gastro-intestinal ailments in the past 20 years).  Infants are given too many vaccines, at too early an age and too close together (multiple vaccinations in a single doctor office visit) in the US.

The opponents of vaccines are not against the true vaccine components that are to enable a child’s immune system to develop antibodies against harmful diseases.  The issue is all the other harmful and unnecessary substances in these vaccines (heavy metals, toxins, other viruses, etc.)  The lie that Americans accept is that these vaccines are completely safe the way these are today.

Chemtrails are just a whacko conspiracy theory.  No, that is a lie.  Chemtrails are real and are not simply contrails, which dissipate rather quickly.  When you look up and see a tic-tac-toe like pattern in the largely cloudless sky above that remains intact for hours at a time, you are seeing chemtrails.  These are produced by planes that fly as part of a black government secret operation.  We do not think spraying aluminum and barium and other elements and compounds in the atmosphere above cities and towns is a healthy thing to do.  There is no governmental accountability here.  Just a conspiracy of denial and silence all around.  Where are the investigative journalists on this issue?  (We’ve seen chemtrails when we lived in Nevada, again in California, and now in Texas.  No, these are not recurring hallucinations.)

Some recent posts by others that I have read suggest that these more devastating than usual wildfires in California and Australia may be spreading so very quickly due to extremely combustible contaminants on the trees and bushes in fire prone areas.  Such contaminants are from overhead chemtrails.  If true, it is not so-called global warming that is the culprit in these terrible fires.

So-called man made global warming is yet another lie that has been repeated incessantly for many years now, and most people accept it without thinking.  To dare to question it, or to doubt it, can invite smears of mental illness.  The Golden Rule blog site has posts that debunk this false narrative with true science.  Sorry to say, science and grant funding of scientific research has been politicized in the Western world.  As the ancient alien theorists complain of evidence being ignored or suppressed that contradicts the predominant narrative, so this is also true on the subject of anthopogenic global warming.

Routine infant male circumcision in the US (the only industrial or developed country in the world to do circumcision for non-religious reasons).  Circumcision is a cure that has been in search of a disease for the past 140 years in the US since it was first popularized in the 1880s by quack doctors.  Circumcision has been the “cure” for a wide range of behaviors, ailments, and diseases during that time.  The only problem is that circumcision has never cured or alleviated any of the conditions it was supposed to cure.  As we have previously, on several occasions, addressed circumcision, we will not dwell in length on it here.  The doctors and interns who make money from this unnecessary surgery are loath to tell parents the truth here.  When you abnormalize the genital organs of either males or females, you abnormalize coitus.  So do not wonder when married persons fail to achieve sexual satisfaction from circumcised sex.  Genital mutilation of children is not about health nor cleanliness – it is about power and control.  (Doctors in the late 1800s even used the fact that circumcision is found in the Old Testament as a justification for this primitive, barbaric, superstitious practice.)  Loving parents ought to respect their sons’ right to bodily integrity, and tell the doctors to go to hell when they want to schedule a circumcision procedure for their infant son.

The holocaust.  No doubt you have heard of it all your life.  This tale has been forensically debunked since the fall of communism in eastern Europe thirty years ago.  The Jews actually gave the fraud away very early on.  If you look at the figures for the population of Jews in the world in the late 1930s and again for the late 1940s that are published by Jewish sources, you do not find a reduction of several millions.  In fact, you see there was, according to Jewish sources, a slight increase in the number of Jews in the world between the late 1930s and the late 1940s.  This is not possible if there were several millions killed in an alleged “holocaust” during the 1940s.  Nevertheless, anyone who dares to publicly dispute the official story is smeared as an “anti-Semite” or as a “denier”, and in several European nations and in Canada, such a person can be jailed for such heretical views.  As well, the fraud has certainly been a financial windfall for the state of Israel as several tens of billions of dollars have been paid to it from a defeated Germany.

Abortion.  The view that the child in the womb is not a human being is not a view supported by science.  Such a view, as others have noted, is an ideologically based view.  The so-called “fundamental, constitutional right to abortion” is based on a web of legal fictions.  But, Americans have heard the mantra over and over for the past several decades that “abortion is a woman’s right”.  Sadly, for too many Americans that is where the thinking stops, and they unquestioningly accept this assertion.

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