Globalization ROI: 15% Depopulation “Made in China” (“Expose Everyone and See What Happens”)

An interesting article here, and if what it suggests is true, a truly disturbing scenario. One thing to bear in mind is that the daily news cannot be relied upon to give us the truth.

Hommunism News

(source) As the coronavirus pandemic continues to explode across China, the communist Chinese regime faces a desperate choice.

If you run the factories and pretend the outbreak isn’t real, you keep the economy humming but you end up sacrifice a large number of workers who get killed by the coronavirus pandemic. While China currently claims a 2.1% mortality rate,realistic assessments put that number closer to 15%.

If you close the factories and enforce long-term quarantines to save lives, you suffer a devastating economic implosion, likely followed by massive social upheaval and possible collapse of the ruling communist regime. After all, people only tolerate communism when they have enough to eat and some of them are getting rich. Take away the food, the money and the public safety, and any regime will struggle to stay in power.

China is already taking the steps to protect the factories…

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