criminal thinking and links of societal critique

When contemplating harmful and destructive actions, the criminal’s thinking seems to go like this: “Can I get away with it?”  –  rather than considering whether the action(s) are right or wrong, whether these are harmful to others and/or to one’s self.

Clearly, there has been a failure here to instill a properly functioning conscience in the individual.  This cannot be done in the schools today, which are driven largely by leftist ideology.  Families, loving parents are the only ones who can help to instill values in children and young adults.

links of possible interest to readers

These (short in length) linked articles are also found in the quarterly magazine of the The Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty.

The Faith of The Secularist (secular humanism and atheism rest on faith, not science nor reason, a book review):

No room for debate: academia’s one-sided conversation (open and free debate at university?):

The gospel of humanitarianism (humanitarianism displacing authentic Christian values and liberty, a book review worth reading):

Solzhenitsyn’s advice to the free world (how to preserve our liberties and our culture):

How socialism causes atheism (the young in the West are adopting socialist views and losing their Christian faith):


Our feature image was taken in September, 2017, and we can call it Dinosaurs in Holbrook, Arizona.



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