US politics: blacks unhappy with being ignored, and unhappy with being taken for granted

Blacks are the kingmakers*.  As such, they are the most powerful group in US electoral politics.  Yet, they are still as miserable as ever.  Why is that?

(* When blacks show up and vote, the Democrats win the election.  When blacks fail to show up to vote in sufficient numbers, the Republicans win the election.  That is the real reason that Donald Trump won in the electoral college in 2016.)

Blacks complain of being ignored by the Republican party candidates.  Blacks also complain of being taken for granted by the Democratic party candidates.  This is so, they are ignored by the one and taken for granted by the other major party, because blacks vote slavishly for the one party election after election, and have done so since the so-called “Great Society” of Lyndon Johnson in the mid 1960s.  If black folks want to be courted for their votes, they need to break this cycle and vote independently.  If one party never has to worry over losing black votes, and the other party knows that it has no chance of gaining more than several per cent of black voters, the situation will not change.

What blacks ought to be angry as hell about is that the party that they so slavishly vote for, that is the Democrats, pursues policies that keep blacks in a program of government dependency.  This is no secret.  All Democrats have to do in each election is to accuse their opponents of being racists.  That is enough to get blacks to queue up and vote for whoever has a “D” after their name on the ballot.

Blacks would do themselves a better turn here if they demanded that the Democrat party put in place policies that break down barriers to economic opportunities for blacks.  Oddly enough, this is what Trump has been doing these past 3 years, but you would not likely know of it if you rely solely on MSM news, which routinely suppresses stories that do not fit its preferred narrative.  (It takes time for these inner city initiatives to bear fruit, but Trump is learning the hard way that blacks cannot be wooed even when you do something substantive for them.)

My message for black folks is that the white man cannot solve your problems.  Only blacks can fix black America.  Yes, that is right.  Blacks are not going to listen to the white man.  But, the sad fact is that so-called black leaders will not tell blacks what they need to hear.  The white man is not responsible for the lack of family formation in the black community.  And, that is the biggest problem blacks deal with day in and day out.  In the 1950s, prior to the “Great Society” (the expansion of the welfare state), most black children in America were in 2 parent families.  That began to change rapidly in the 1960s, and now most black children in the US do not have both parents in the home.  That is the result of the choices black people have made.  We can all see the bitter fruits of this in every black community in the country.

other related thoughts

Some groups you just cannot criticize in this country.  Blacks cannot be criticized.  For those who dare to do so, they are smeared as “racists” or bigots.  As well, we all know – blacks, whites, Hispanics, and Asians – that Jews cannot be criticized.  The non-Jew who dares to do so is called “anti-Semitic”.  And, for the rare Jew who criticizes other Jews and their actions, he or she is branded a “self-hating” Jew.

That said, we will continue to critique blacks in this post.  Blacks are the kingmakers in electoral politics, but their status as perpetual victims is not an exclusive monopoly for them.  They have to share the altar of perpetual victimhood with other groups now that are quite vocal.  LGBTQX (how many more letters will be added over time?), Hispanics, illegal immigrants, Jews (with their incessant bleating about the holocaust), Asians, Muslims, etc. are all competing for a share in the political clout that victimhood status confers in the US today.

One might opine that the welcoming of immigrants, both legal and illegal, from the non-black regions of the world was by design.  The day might come when blacks, or at least a significant percentage of them. would wake up to having been used by the Democrat party, and might withhold their votes from that party.  Not to worry, the backup plan was to make the millions of illegals citizens, register them to vote, and promise them government freebies for their votes.  Under such a scenario, the Democrats would remain in power even without the votes of the majority of blacks.

As an impassioned Jonathan Gentry (who is black) shouted in a viral video back in 2014, “When will black people change?  When?!!”, we ask why can not blacks get it through their heads that they can take personal responsibility for themselves and build strong communities for themselves without being wards of the government?  (The answer to Gentry’s question is blacks will not likely change in our lifetimes, sorry to say. Their thinking has been radicalized, and radicalized thinking is not always rational thinking.)

Cries of “racism”*, which we have heard now for several decades has become rather tiresome.  Except for those white folks who suffer white guilt and can be termed self-hating whites, most whites are no longer buying the message.  In fact, on the contrary, cries of racism from blacks are often seen as an excuse that blacks hide behind when they cannot measure up and compete on a level playing field.

Yet, what of the few black individuals, both male and female, who break free from the chains of ideological thinking and reflexive reactions, and build for themselves a better life free from government dependency?  If one listens carefully, one may hear in hushed whispers after dark, late in the evening: “See Joe there, he has left the plantation.”  In those soft voices, mixed with the trepidation there may be a tinge of envy.

Real empowerment comes when one leaves the ideological plantation and becomes self-reliant, and personally responsible for his/her life.  It is said that the slave is he who waits for someone to come and free him.

(*As to racism, from personal experience over the past several decades, I can attest to the fact that there is a very virulent strain of racism in the black community.  Not all black folks are racist, but many are.  That, sorry to say, is a fact.  As well, gangsta rap music with its vile lyrics inciting hate and violence does not help the situation here in the US.)


Our feature image today is of an artistic item I picked up some years back in a thrift store when I was economically disadvantaged for a time.



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  1. There are elements in this post that reminds me of the situation we have in Australia, regarding Australian Aborigines. Like taking more responsibility for their own people and building their own strong communities..

    1. Yes, but there is one important difference. The Aboriginals were already there in Australia when the white men and women arrived, and had been there since the Dream Time in ages past.. Blacks were brought to the New World in slave ships.

  2. True, but why should that stop them from stepping up now.? The Australian Government throws money at them, and hopes they will go away. It’s not good enough, they need better representation from their own people, not from the white community.

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