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To write history one must be more than a man, since the author who holds the pen should be free from all hatred and from all preoccupation of interest or of vanity.  – Napoleon Boneparte

The quote above is apropos, but not only for the writing of history, but for other areas of societal interest.  Truth requires objectivity and freedom from ideological or professional bias (due to financial interest).

The links here are to recent blog posts of other bloggers which inform us and challenge us to think more critically on various topics.

What can we do when we are unemployed is the subject of this post:

how to keep busy without a job or income

Here is a short post from the Fearless Marriage blog on love and sex:

Marriage Monday #79

From The Tao Of Anarchy blog, we read this troubling post:

#Re-Post: Bill Gates talks about ‘vaccines to reduce population’

From the Peace Pirate blog, we read that the US is the world leader in bio-weapons development (serious moral implications here):

the US is the world leader of bio-weapons research production and use against mankind

Censorship on the Internet is growing, along with the restriction of open debate and inquiry.  This next link tells of people seeking alternative platforms to escape such limitations on the free flow of information and ideas:

axis against evil bloc to counter media censorship

The whole historical narrative of the World War Two period is defective and filled with victors’ propaganda.  We support the efforts of honest researchers who work to bring to light important facts so that we can achieve a more accurate understanding of the period.

12 Things You Were Not Told About Adolph Hitler and Nazi (NSDAP) Germany


Once again, we turn to The Tao Of Anarchy blog for the sharing of this next article.  Those best able to critique the actions of Jews are honest, objective Jews themselves.  This piece by Gilad Atzmon is worth reading and thinking on.  Here is a brief quote from it:

The Jewish strategy to handle their fears includes the suppression of elementary freedoms: Jewish Power as I define it, is the power to suppress criticism of Jewish power.

And, here is the link to this recommended post:

an ex-Jew’s struggle

Did you know that Karl Marx (from a rabbi’s family) held what today are called racist views?  The whole communist enterprise has failed and caused so much needless misery, suffering and untold numbers of deaths (really murders).  Read about Marx here:

Karl Marx: Racist Supremacist, Enemy of Humanity & Hypocrite

A final link here on Loxism (a controversial topic, this post addresses Jewish Supremacism):

Loxism – the belief in the superiority of Jews


Our feature image today is a quick shot of a small lamp that sits on a nearby bookcase in my personal office.



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