obstacles along the path to truth

It is said that 5 per cent of people make things happen, 15 per cent of people watch what happens, and the remaining 80 per cent wonder what happened.  Thus, we can rightly infer that most folks can be easily misled (and are susceptible to group think).

A person’s search for truth in the world of today is complicated by both individuals and institutions which work to suppress inconvenient truths (including important facts).  Journalism is so corrupt today in the Western world that we will not state the case for its corruption, but merely note it in passing.  Journalism today is largely driven by the predominant ideology among most of its practitioners.

Practitioners of science, which most people naturally hold in high esteem, do not always help us in our quest for truth.  A case in point is the politicization of science on the issue of man made global warming.  Facts, papers and studies that do not fit (and often contradict) the narrative are ignored, trivialized, and even suppressed.  Grant monies for research in climate science are not awarded to skeptics of anthropogenic global warming.  We therefore cannot necessarily trust science to give us the truth in other areas also.  (It ought to be in science that its practitioners would see where the evidence leads and base their theories on the evidence, and not cherry pick facts and discard others to fit a preferred outcome.)

Western historiography is also guilty of suppressing facts that serve to give a more complete picture of past events, and/or actually contradict the official “historical” narrative that Western historiography has produced.  The most glaring example of bias and suppression of important facts concerns the World War II period.  Sadly, much of officially accepted history in the West is victors’ propaganda that contains many factual errors and many major substantive omissions.

What of book and video censorship online?  The 3rd anniversary of Amazon’s high tech book burning (March, 2017) is only days away.  At that time, Amazon, bowing to pressure from special interest pressure groups, banned the sale of books and videos by revisionist authors, researchers, and film makers.  This ban and censorship (of hundreds of titles) did not only apply to sales made by Amazon, but also to all of its Marketplace sellers.  YouTube has followed suit in this censorship in the past couple of years and taken down many thousands of videos deemed to be offensive (read: “anti-Semitic”, which in reality is anything that Jews are offended by or feel threatened by).

As we can see, the quest for truth today in many areas of inquiry is filled with obstacles.  Outright censorship, no matter how it is labelled and how it is accompanied by lame excuses from Internet tech giants is still censorship and is an attack on free speech, open inquiry and open debate.  This censorship is also seen with the major book publishers which never printed any of the offensive revisionist works.  Those who dare to expose facts that do not fit the accepted historical narrative have to seek out the few, small, independent publishing houses that will print their books, often without the publishing house’s imprint on the hard copy book.

Let us continue.

We must not overlook, or give a free pass to all who preach from pulpits.  Many preachers are spinning their own narrative as to what is true and what is morally right and morally wrong.  Believers ought to use their reasoning ability in this area and not allow themselves to be led sheep-like by charlatans.  Oh, yes, there are frauds in the ranks of preachers.  And, there are those church men who abuse their authority.

We just read a book (see image below) that tells of much earlier suppression of evidence that did not fit another narrative.  It does appear that the highly esteemed Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. did in fact bury the truth (based on many fossil finds) that there were giants in North America thousands of years ago.  Yes, that does seem far fetched to us today, does it not?  Yet, the author makes a well researched case that giant humanoids did live in North America several thousands years ago based on numerous 19th century newspaper articles and first person accounts describing giant fossil and artifact finds scattered across much of the continental US.  As well, he makes a persuasive, even compelling case that from the 1880s to the present day the Smithsonian Institution has worked to suppress knowledge of this evidence for giants in ancient North America.  The fact that so few people alive today in the US have even heard of fossil skeletons of large humanoids found in the US instructs us as to how effective the suppression of such evidence has been.

Here is the book I am referring to:



Now, this cover-up of 18th and 19th century fossil skeleton finds that did not fit the narratives of manifest destiny, of no pre-Columbian contacts between North America and Europe and Asia, and of evolution (where it is assumed that hominids only got larger over time with larger crania, not smaller over time) reminds us of another possible, ongoing cover-up in our own time.  Skeptics of the purported existence of UFOs will say: “Where is the tangible, physical evidence for these?”  Is it possible, as many allege and assert, that the US government and possibly other governments around the world are actively engaged in covering up such physical evidence of UFO crashes on the Earth?  Perhaps the lack of tangible evidence of such alien space craft crashes on the Earth in recent decades is not because such evidence does not exist, but rather that it has been seized and carted off by special operations units of the government and/or military.  Who can say?

But, if in this area of UFOs and alien visitors from other worlds there is a continuing cover-up of facts and evidence that does not fit a preferred narrative, how can we ever get to the truth, or lack thereof of this phenomena?  The deciding of what the citizenry is allowed to know is reserved for those in power.  And, what is their agenda?  Does the truth threaten their prestige or their power?  One may wonder.

The search for truth in many areas is filled with obstacles placed there by other humans who are not necessarily interested in the truth of any particular topic being widely known.

Will the public health services in the Western world come clean and admit that they do not know that so-called 5G wireless technology is safe?!  There have been no long term studies to support industry claims that it is safe for humans.  Lab rats and their use in supposed safety studies of 5G’s potential adverse health effects on humans do not give us confidence as to health safety.  As well, the voices of some concerned doctors and their warnings about 5G are being ignored.

Currently, there are signs in some areas of near panic or hysteria over the Corona virus.  What we have seen these past few weeks is so much misinformation and disinformation that no one in the public can be sure what is true and what is not about this threat to public health.  One article asserted that the Corona virus has both TB and HIV in it.  If that is so, then it would appear that this was an engineered or “weaponized” virus and did not originate among some animals at a market in southern China.

Let me end this rambling post with a quote from the last page (p. 344) of the book noted above:

. . . . We live in an age where we are hypnotized by our own ignorance, acting as if atomic energy and digital electronics are the heights of human achievement, patting ourselves on the back that we are the best and the brightest.  One might call it hubris; wiser minds would call it cultural myopia and adolescent grandstanding.

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  1. Yet another area that we’ve been lied-to about is the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. Practically everything I’ve heard mainstream medicine say about vaccines is just flat-out FALSE! This is very concerning, as I feel certain that they will soon be rolling out a coronavirus vaccine that will be mandatory to take. The vaccine will probably be worse than the virus itself.

    1. Thanks Stephen for your comment. We noted the lies about vaccine safety a while back in a previous post about the lies that gullible Americans take at face value. A serious issue, to be sure.

  2. Larry, as you’ve probably seen, WP Gulag blocked my blogs & prevents me to upload the saved content to new ones. I am planning a counter-action. Meanwhile I & other ex or current bloggers, we are hitting Gab.com.

    1. Thanks Albert for your comment.

      Yes, there is increasing censorship with YouTube banning and taking down even more videos and comments that it deems unacceptable. Sorry to hear that WP is getting into the act more now than previously. When time permits, I am going to have to check out this Gab.com, which I have heard about in recent months. Take care and best wishes to you and yours.

      1. Remember to alert me so I can introduce you into good circles—-> whether I don’t get banned before 🙂

      2. Thanks. When I get the time, likely not until next month, I will try to check it out. Do you have a username or group you belong to (in case, we do not see you here at WP)? Thanks.

  3. The puppetmasters don’t want us to know about Giants because they are their relatives. We are ruled by 13 bloodline families descended from the Nephilim / Annunaki / corrupted pre-Flood elite. They’re all the same thing IMHO. They are also not quite human. Very dangerous enemy. They want to recreate their worldwide empire and their subhuman slave caste.

    1. We have got problems big time now with the fucking elites and dark or “deep state”. Call them what you will – Bilderbergers, plutocrats, Tri-lateral Commission types, Skull and Bones, Illuminati, whatever. The people are being screwed and it only is going to get worse, sorry to say. Who benefits? The mega corporations, including the big banks, and the Jews. We may be in for another 2008 style financial melt down later this year.

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