states of denial

Sometimes people only see what they want to see, and conversely, they choose not to see what is too painful to confront or deal with.  They seek the temporary comfort of denial of painful realities.  This distaste for dealing with harsh realities and retreating into denial and apathy does not strike us as being healthy (as in mental health).  It may be emotionally soothing to back away and deny the harshness and/or urgency of problems, but that does not make such problems go away or disappear.

If enough individuals engage in denial, willful denial, then the result is collective denial within a society, or perhaps we might call this a contagious psychosis.  (If mind (or consciousness) transcends protoplasmic brain, then a vector for mental illness need not be physical in nature.)  Collective denial and the consequent collective apathy does not augur well for the future of Western societies.  (As well, too much TV watching and social media play on high tech gadgetry has effectively narcotized millions of adults today.)

About 60 years ago, there was a paperback book published with the title A Nation of Sheep.  I skimmed through this many years ago (one of my older siblings must have had to read it for a class in either high school or college).  The title always stuck in the back of my mind.  The book was written about the United States.  It seems to me that as apropos as this title may have been circa 1960, it is so very much more applicable to Americans en masse today in the year 2020.

other thoughts

Government (at all levels) here in the US demands more from its citizens as it chips away at our true rights day by day.  (Remember the so-called Patriot Act?!)  The citizens ought to demand more accountability of the government.  Throw out the 2 hopelessly corrupt (corporate servant) political parties and elect authentically independent individuals who will purge the octopus like government bureaucracy.  But people, stay vigilant, for the newly elected will also need to be purged from elected office once they fall prey to the corrupting and corrosive influence of special interest monies.

parting shot

There are persons who suggest that I visit a “museum of tolerance”, as somehow I am a hateful individual.  My reply for some time now to this sort of suggestion is to say: “Just how tolerant must we be of those who are wreaking havoc with their machinations and destructive actions on our society and culture?”  The social fabric is in shreds in Western societies.  And, who the hell benefits from that?



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