the premise of American medicine questioned

American medicine does wonders when it comes to the repair of traumatic injuries.  But, it does not do so well when treating disease and various chronic health conditions.

It seems that the American public over the past one hundred years has bought into the idea that medicine could provide magic bullets to cure various diseases and health conditions.  Take a prescribed pill or capsule regularly (sometimes for life) and you will be fine, healthy and cured.  Oh, if life could be so simple and easy!

But, I wonder if this premise (always take a prescribed pharmaceutical drug) is sound.  If, as it appears in some instances, that the drugs only biochemically instruct the body to shut its symptoms down, can we believe that the patient has been cured of his/her dis-ease?  Are we merely treating symptoms and not underlying causes?  As well, when we look at the side effects of many of these potent pharmaceutical concoctions, we must ask 2 questions.  How safe are these expensive prescription drugs?  And, is it possible that some of these many side effects are in fact the body telling the patient that it still is sick and not cured?

A healthy skepticism is warranted here, and in the area of vaccine safety.  We ought not give the doctors of today (in the year 2020) the deference due a medieval priesthood.  (The cynic in me also will say that not many doctors enter their profession out of soul deep and sincere concern for the health of humanity, but enter the profession to make lots of money.)

corona virus

The hysteria over the so-called Corona virus is instructive.  The masses are acting much like frightened children as the mainstream media continues to stoke fears.  Perhaps collective mental illness is a more serious threat to society that this virus.

And, as to the big drops in the stock market recently . . .  Forgive us for chuckling, but for months now there have been articles in the business press saying that this market was extremely over valued.  Hey, people, nothing goes up for ever.  The Corona virus is just the pretext for the sell-off.  But, do not rush to buy the dips, as this may be only the beginning of another major financial crisis that could hit just before the election (similar to 2008, and the rise of Obama).  It may be more prudent to take your money off the table for now, and reduce personal debts as much as possible.

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  1. Wow! I never before considered how correlated the last bear market in stocks centered around the 2008 election. The market actually peaked in October 2007, then proceeded to fall 60% until it bottomed March of 2009, about one month after Obama was inaugurated. I don’t think that was an accident! It certainly contributed to Obama winning the election, and also enabled him to claim that he brought the economy “back to life” once he was installed. The PTB could then say “See? Capitalism brings devastation, but socialism brings the opposite.” I have little doubt that’s what is going on now as well. Unbeknownst to most people, filthy-rich capitalists LOVE socialism, because it puts them exclusively in power, with no competition from the now-destroyed middle class. Suggested reading: “Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution”, by Anthony Sutton. Also “None Dare Call It a Conspiracy” by Gary Allen.

    1. I cannot help feeling that the constant media hype and panic and hysteria over this Corona virus is meant to propel the idiot Biden to victory in November.

      This virus is the catalyst, but not the cause of the market meltdown. We are seeing the end of the fiat money system. And, the next several years are going to be rough for investors and savers. The bond market will collapse due to the fraudulent manipulation of interest rates since 2008, and all the money printing since 2001 or even before. People ought not be suckered back into stocks. This could be only the beginning of a very bearish market for several years.

    2. Yes, I thought that, too about the timing of the melt down in October, 2008. They knew of the sub prime mortgage crises as early as late 2007. Those liberal Jews who control the Wall Street firms waited for the most opportune moment to spring the crisis. But, it was not needed. Obama would have won anyway over the lousy candidate, McCain (who would not have been much better than old Barack).

      1. McCain would have probably started WWIII, which is why I didn’t vote for him! We were all sick of Bush/Cheney and the Neo-Cons by that time, so I was originally prepared to vote for Obama, until I noticed that Goldman-Sachs was his biggest campaign contributor. I ended up voting for Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party in 2008. I wrote in Ron Paul in 2012, instead of even considering Mitt Romney. Voted for Trump in 2016, and will probably repeat that in 2020.

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